• You mean like transferring the actual file from your computer to their computer? You can't as far as I know. You can stream your music to someone else's computer through a network and they can listen to your songs though. This feature just needs to be turned on in the iTunes options/preferences.
  • alright i checked the sharing shit, what do I do now?
  • Your hard drive>Users>(Your Home Icon)>Music>iTunes>iTunes Music. iTunes Music folder contains all the music that iTunes has either imported from cd, or downloaded. Mine is organized by folders with the artist's name. Go into the individual folders and pull the ACTUAL FILES that you want (they should have a music note on them) from the folders and drop them onto portable media (i.e. flash stick). When finished, highlight the flash drive icon on your desktop, then: 1: Go to File (Menubar)>Eject, or 2.Command (cloverleaf or apple key) and E key for eject disk. You must unmount the flash drive before pulling the stick or you risk losing or corrupting your data on the stick. Insert the flash stick into your friend's computer. Open iTunes and use iTunes menubar File>Import. Locate the file (song) on the flash drive via the selection window, and click "Choose". Either at that time, or when you go to play it, a alert will pop up telling you that "this computer is not authorized to play this song" and will/should ask you if you want to authorize this computer to play this song. YOUR iTunes account name and password will be needed to authorize that particular computer. The simplest way by far would be to burn it to a cd from iTunes on your computer and just let him import it himself. Simpler yet, just email him a iTunes gift certificate (or other options like specific music).......iTunes store>Quick Links>Buy iTunes Gifts.
  • You could also click "gift this iTune" and follow the instructions.

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