• Copper is a much better conductor than iron. I would hate to try to wire a building with iron. It would be just like the old style iron plumbing pipe; lots of cutting and splicing around all the corners.
  • Copper :)
  • Copper is a better conductor of electricity than iron. But it depends upon the diameter of the conductors as to which will be most cost effective for your application. Iron is cheaper -- but it takes more of it to conduct an equal amount of electricity at a set resistance as a piece of copper wire. Pound for pound, copper is cheaper, you can make smaller circuits, it's more mallable (able to bend), etc. Sometimes while some things will work for other applications, the cost/benefit/profit ratio is what businesses listen to. -- former engineering designer, LO sorta bitter L's. Folks don't realize they don't get whats best. Just what's best for the company's bottom line to make. Cheap, cheaper, and cheapest.

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