• Being over weight is aweful, and people do discriminate. I find myself doing it from time to time. Years ago I was a size nine, gradually I gained weight and was a size 16. People deffinatley treated me differently from when I was skinny, I got more positive attention from both sexes. When I was big and it came to physical things at my job I would always be the last one to be asked because people would just assume that because I was fat I couldn't be physical at all. Fat is equal to lazy in a lot of peoples minds. I found myself alone more, because when you feel bad about yourself you are more likely to stay out of the spot light. When your over weight you feel bad enough about yourself, then when people treat you differently it makes things so much worse. Most of these people didn't mean to make me feel bad I'm sure, it's just their train of thought. I lost that weight and gained it back again with pregnancy, but I'm working on getting rid of it again. I do believe that skinny people have more fun, they are discriminated less, and because they feel better about themselves they are just more outgoing, happier and in general are more healthy overall.
  • it really depends on the person.
  • Both are discriminated against but in different ways. -Someone overweight wlaks into a resturant people may think to themselves: "Do you really need that all that food?" -Someone slim walks into a resturant someone may think to themselves : "They need to eat alot more food then that if they dont want to look sickly" I'm on the slim side and have a hard time gian weight and I've been told that I look sickly and have had friends who would sit me down and force me to eat and make me feel bad about myself. But form what I can tell, its alot worse being overweight, and so many people dont have a problem acting like assholes to them.
  • to me it is all wrong just because someone looks different. The people that are discriminated are just looking for a way to feel superior to the other individual.
  • I am on the heavy side myself. It seems to be a form of discrimination that's acceptable, even in 2009. Two people (management) have made comments "assuming" I want to lose weight (the job is very physical). Whether I do or not is my business. We also have an extremely thin girl that started just recently. Although I have noticed...I haven't said anything about her to anyone else. Maybe she is just that way naturally?
  • Every person is looking for someone to discriminate against. Fat folks are just the easiest target.

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