• I can only think of 1 very vague statistical explanation for this. Deals with a comparison between populations and looking at life expectancies. But never mind that... I thought the oldest human ever to live (124 years) was a woman from the US. So, based on that, I disagree.
  • It doesn't matter how much money you eat, it doesn't make you live longer and maybe it's true - MacDonalds is bad for your health
  • simpler lives are less stressful despite the poverty diet. ironically, our abundance makes it easier for us to overeat , leading to heart disease and other problems associated with being overweight. They tend to eat more natural foods instead of tons of High Fructose corn syrup, yellow #5 and other assorted things never meant for human consumption. Less machinery probably means less local pollution
  • Some...but not most. Using your example of Nicaragua, according to the UN, Americans live an average of 6 years longer than Nicaraguans, Britons 7 years longer, and Canadians 8 years longer. You can go down the list of the countries with the highest life expectancy and as you move down the list, you see the people getting poorer and poorer. Exceptions make for poor rules.
  • Nicaragua isnt on my list.
  • I doubt it's true.

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