• In the US, children usually begin 1st grade at age 6, and public schools continue up to 12th grade. Most school districts offer public Kindergarten at age 5, but in many places attendance is not mandatory prior to 1st grade.
  • In the UK most kids go to playschool or pre-school aged 3-5 but formal education begins aged 5, this is called Infants or Primary School and lasts until 8 years old when they progress to Junior or Middle School. At 11 years old they move to Secondary School. At 16 they can leave school after taking GCSE exams. There are some areas where this is slightly different with the moves being at 9 and 13 rather than 8 & 11. it used to be known as years 1 to 3 of Infants, 1 to 3 of Junior & 1 to 5 of Secondary but now is known as years 1 to 11. Some schools have a further (optional) 2 years which is known as 6th form (or years 12 & 13) where they study for A level exams. These are also offered at Further Education Colleges. It is now required that 16-18 year olds in the UK are in education, employment or training so many 16-18 year olds go to Further Education Colleges to study vocational courses.
  • Last time I worked with the school system they were having growing pains. The school that had been for grades 1-6 was cut back to 1-3 3-6 went to the school that used to be for 6-9th grade and 6-9 went to the school that used to be for high school 9-12. And they built a new high school for 9-12.
  • American students often attend nursery school from 3-5 and then enter kindergarten at 5. First graders are normally 6, second graders 7, etc. A 9-year-old would usually be a 4th grader. A typical school district would have the student finishing 6th grade at 11 or 12 and moving on to middle school (sometimes called junior high school) for 7th and 8th grades. 9th grade may be included at a middle school, though in some districts it would be part of high school, which would comprise the 9th-12th grades. (These are also known as the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school.) Seniors take university (also known as "college" in the US) entrance exams and apply to university, which they normally start at the age of 18.

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