• Because that is democracy at its finest. Politicians could do many things that would make much more sense in ALL areas yet they'd rather take the complicated route that screws the people and puts more money in their pocket. The people who aren't brainwashed by our government and or media can see it and don't like it; yet we do absolutely nothing about it for some reason. It's just the American way and we're used to it unfortunately. If we weren't I'd love to see someone prove me wrong.
  • welfare for the rich is tradition. It's an American thing, you wouldn't understand it. next thing you will be asking us why we give failed CEO's golden parachutes!!
  • Our government makes many puzzling decisions. Ultimately it boils down to the money, which has a greater influence in our government than anything else. If you have money, you can "persuade" things to go your way.
  • It's not American thing. The govt in my country did the same things. The worse part was those people who got the bail out ran away with money to neighborhood country which has no extradition policy. So these crooks who enjoyed govt/people's money live happily ever after left a country in poverty due to their fault.
  • OK you want the truth. The truth is that the American people are not too bright. Proof of this is that they elected this idiot in the first place. All that is necessary for the entire economy of the US to collapse is for the people to figure out they can vote themselves money out of the public treasury. Looks like it is here.
  • Because the American People have allowed their government to be hi-jacked by the corrupt banking elite. And it's only going to get worse. And Obama is NOT Change. He is more of the same. We have all been fooled.
  • 1.The federal government put pressure on the lenders (banks) to loan money to people for homes that the banks knew that the people could not afford. 2.People who already had homes,would easily borrow money against their homes to buy more things or pay off high interest credit cards. 3.Speculators were buying houses,buy using other property as colateral and no down payment with the hopes of "flipping"(reselling)the house at a profit. 4 Mortgage companies were bundling and selling these sub prime mortgages to other companies. 5. Then when people realized they couldn't pay the loans and declaring bankruptcy,the house of cards began to fall,mortgage companies went out of business,then the investment companies who bought the mortgages ,then the banks. 6.Now the federal government who started the whole problem,wants to fix it???????????????

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