• This may sound simplistic, but from your engine symptoms you had better check the level of the float valves in the carby, it sounds like the float level is to low, this is a common occurrence with a rebuilt carby.
  • maybe you need a higher psi fuel pump....
  • Maybe the choke is not working, check the carb to see that the butterfly is cosed when you choke it ... If a choke does not work it sometimes takes more fuel to start a cold engine ... The chokes function is to cut the air intake down allowing more fuel to the engine. Or your carb could be leaking and when you go to start there is no fuel in the float chamber so you have to wait for the fuel pump to refill it again.
  • Is it a mechanical or electric fuel pump? If mechanical try an electric fuel pump.
  • I had same problem. i had minute fuel line leak on top of tank. It seems like the vacuum in vent cannister was draining the float bowl back thru. vent line. worth looking into.
  • hi this means your carb float level is set too low ,if this is low there wont be enough gas in there for your cold start
  • If you pull your Quadrajet off and flip it over you will see 2 lead plugs in the primary side. These plugs being lead in a aluminum environment tend to leak fuel into the intake after the carb ages causing the fuel to drain from the bowl after it sits for a while. Usually gases down the oil in the crank case in no time. I use a 2 part epoxy thats impervious to gas. Clean the area well before you apply it. I have not had one releak yet. I do that on all Quadrajets I rebuild.
  • i would say carb is leaking fuel back into motor as opposed to back thruogh fuel tank start and run for awhile and then shut off pull air filter housing off and check to see if carb is leaking fuel into motor
  • Just because the carb is new does not mean it is working properly. It sounds like the gas is getting out of the carb either by a leak or evaporation. What type of breather do you have. Is the car stored in a hot place. The use of winter blended gas in a hot enviroment can cause evaporation of the gas in the carb.
  • Hello When a quadrajet carburetor is rebuilt on the main body on the bottom you will find two plugs that are crimped in place. They are under the main jets. These plugs are to seal the hole from the machining of the main jet fuel passages when the carb was new, When you soak the main body in carb cleaner for the rebuild the seals under these plug dissolve and cant be replaced. In the carb rebuild kit there is a small foam like seal that gos between the main body under these plugs and the base plate, That takes the place of the now missing seals. If this is not installed when you rebuild the carb, when your car sits for a day or two the fuel in the fuel bowl will leak past these missing seals in to the intake manifold, Then when you go to start motor will have to crank over intell the carb is refueled (same as being out of gas) Very easy to fix. Hope this helps. David
  • electric fuel pump will fill carb if u wait 5sec or u can take carb off and reseal plugs in bottom plate
  • A leaky float valve drains the fuel in the carb.even dirt or a tiny piece of rubber can keep it from seating properly.

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