• Sure sounds like a broken band in the trans. If it is stuck in low,the high band is gone,,remove the trans and take it to a shop for a bench rebuild!
  • Older vehicles usually had a vacuum line from the carbuerator to the transmission that make the engine and the transmission work together. I never had to work on this part on my car, I only remember my mentor talking about it. So I'm not as clear on the function as I'd like to be, but as best I can recall, when the transmission is close to topping out in one gear and shift to the next, it signals the carbuerator to allow more fuel into the engine and bump up the rpms, which then signals the transmission to shift gears. I'm not sure if I have that just right or not. However, I know that if that vaccuum line is leaking, the transmission has trouble shifting properly. My mentor always said to check the cheap possibilities before you go for the expensive ones.
  • Are you stuck in Low on the column shift or stuck in 4wd Low. If you are in 4 low Try accelerating to 5 MPH, shifting the reg trans into N and then pressing the 4 WD High button.

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