• I prefer tall men but I will go out with someone who is closer to my own height.
  • well, i am the type of woman that dont care about that.. u may not believe me but u should see my boyfriend now.. everyone was shocked at the fact that im dating someone who is 6'2 and 260 pounds.. all i care is to have a man who can treat me right and someone whos really gonna be there for me.. i think every woman wants that but sometimes they are afraid that someone make fun of them.. but im not.. i love my man.
  • i dont PREFER anything because you can get it all, if you have a nice man you was 5"2 and you 6"1 you cant exactly break up over his size...
  • I prefer that a man I'm with be at least my height, but it isn't that big of a deal. I am more attracted to medium framed men, but that's initial physical attraction. It has little bearing on a relationship. I'm much more attracted to a man who is intelligent, respectful, and funny.
  • I tend to go for guys that are significantly taller than me, which isn't hard considering I am 5'4". Nice is what I am more interested in than stature--admit that I couldn't date a scrawny guy though.
  • Well I like tall and small framed men, no body builders for me thanks!
  • I have a type I prefer but I don't judge the book by it's cover alone. I've gone out with many sorts of men and it's their personality and sense of humor that makes them hot.
  • The guy I like has a great body type, but really, I don't care about his physical appearance. No matter what kind of frame he has, I will still love him! It's his attitude and personality I'm after, not his looks.
  • mm, I prefer tall small framed men.
  • I dont think women want big strong men anymore.So I cant understand why these men spend hours in the gym becoming muscle monsters because women dont want them! But they dont want a guy who is lighter and narrower shoulders than they either.I mean the late Michael Jackson had alot of talent, but I dont know of any woman who saw him as sexually appealing. They want a good looking guy, who is genuinely good in the heart. And size and strengthwise is an equal.
  • Most women don't perfer to date anyone because of their height. There are other things to consider, mostly personality, manners, appearance.
  • I prefer medium to large.
  • I prefer larger framed men as far as appearance goes because I am 5'11 and slightly larger framed. I don't pick my boyfriends by their body types though, I've dated men of all three body types for reasons completely unrelated to their looks.
  • Medium or large framed. I am average sized, and having to diet so I won't outweigh a very small-framed boyfriend isn't sexy!
  • I love all cute men. I don't care what size. I usually like the taller ones though that are on the lean side.
  • I prefer muscular men who aren't too tall. I'm 5'3". I don't want to use a stepping stool to give him a kiss.
  • Im 5'7, (pretty short) and im a guy, without having good looks (according to most of the girls ive ever met) i couldnt date around alot. Height to girls definitely matters
  • larger framed men as i love shoulders and you can't get those on a matchstick of a guy! I like a little meat and i like being the skinnier one too :)
  • Medium to big, small men look like ladies.
  • Medium and toned!
  • I've always preferred big, strong, muscular men. Why? Because they can spank me harder, and I enjoy that.
  • I have dated two guys classified as probably very obese. They were both maybe about 6'2", 350 and 330 lbs. I do not desire to be in that situation again. I have never been attracted to skinny men. I have always wondered why I've never seen a Chinese man that I found attractive. I think this is the reason. The guys who turn me on the most and to whom I am most attracted are usually of medium build. It's ok (and actually preferred) that they have some extra meat on their bones. However, I'd rather not be with someone that is too big.
  • No "perference" as long as I like them.

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