• Their dinner tonight would be microbes!
  • Why, bacteria eat almost anything they can get! Of course, they can't chew through cement. They can eat anything edible to animals and humans, probably more! Take wood for example, termites eat wood, bacteria eat wood too. In fact, termites wouldn't even be able to eat wood if it wasn't for the bacteria in their stomachs! Bacteria are decomposers. Decomposers eat anything dead and once they are finished they put nutrients from the dead object, plant or back into the ground to grow new plants. If you're trying to grow bacteria, your best bet is going to be and sugary gell like substance. I do believe that you can buy it at a hospital nearby. Doctors use this gel like food to grow the bacteria of something to understand what is causing that thing to not function correctly. Hope this helps!!
  • probably, not sure what

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