• From what I know about addiction, it is not unusual to relapse - more have relapsed than have not according to statistics. I think it is more the norm. The reasons for trying again are just about too numerous to count. If they don't try again, their life will go down the tube. Your friend is human. Each day is a new beginning. Like they say, take one day at a time. Tell him/her not to let the relapse do them in. Most of my life has been affected by the family disease of alcoholism. These people in my family are now recovered/in recovery. I asked/answered a question months ago..maybe it will help:
  • Because it feels good
  • There is no need to worry about this person. All good will eventually come out of this situation if enough time is allowed to pass. Do not scold or in any way talk down or bad about this person....they are already beating themselves up inside. Tomorrow is another day that he/she can decide not to drink. That is all that is important today....the chance tomorrow to decide not to drink. And then let life go on.
  • Never lose hope on yourself or others. Keep the faith strong and don't let the fire burn out. Peace be with you....always
  • Okay, so he fell off the wagon. He needs to just jump straight back on. A relapse is not failure. Anyone trying to give up any substance will probably relapse. I think this should make the person stronger and more determined to succeed the next time. Tell your friend not to think of his relapse as being a weakness. If at first you don't succeed, ....! And good luck to him. He will do it!!
  • If this friend is a real friend,you will be as supportive of them as possible,by this post,I believe you are. In recovery,the 'old self' does peek out,the addiction is still there. The comment I like to say is,"My addiction is outside the door(Of a meeting) doing sit-ups and push-ups,keeping itself in shape,ready to pick me up when I fall(off the wagon),as long as I recharge my strength of purpose and address the problems in my daily life,I can keep on the wagon,free from the disease's day at a time! Did this friend have any other support other than you? Did they go to look for that support before they drank? How about a sponsor,someone they look up to for answers to the questions they have about their addiction? We all need help to stay clean,some need it more often than others,in order for me to not relapse,I keep in contact with other addicts/alcoholics,to have fellowship and have others see what I am dealing with,,and if I am showing signs of a dry drunk,or other red flags which might lead to a relapse. Birds of a feather,, Hope this helps!
  • As a recovering alcoholic myself, I would say that if someone truly has a problem with alcohol, their life depends on their refraining from drinking. With that said, it is sometimes easier said than done. I would ask them why they stopped in the first place and then ask them why they think continuing to drink isn't going to lead them down the same road. I would also suggest that they get to an AA meeting and find some people that share their experience, then do what those people did to stay sober.
  • Don't pick up the first drink.
  • 2-14-2017 I have no experience, but I am told that B vitamins help a lot. They offer bowls of mixed brand B vitamin pills and encourage patients to swallow some frequently.

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