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  • Good weed gets you high,Bad weed just gives you a taste nasty and I have heard they can make you sterile,stems taste nasty too.
  • Good weed: · Seedless(sensimellia) · Bud form · Lighter shades of green Bad weed: · Seeds in the weed · Flattened · Brown Seeds and stems taste bad. Also a seed will burst if it's heated. Spend some time cleaning your erb if it looks like it has seeds in the bag. More info on the different types of cannabis:
  • There are many levels of "good" and "bad" weed. Usually "bad" weed has been mishandled. Much of the THC, the component that gets one "high", is concentrated in fragile crystals on the surface of the bud. These can be amber or clear colored, and present as a "frosty white coating" on the bud. Generally, when viewed under a microscope or powerful magnifier, half of these trichomes, as they are called, should be clear and the other half amber. This is the sign of very good weed. Even if these trichomes are not present, the weed still may be okay. You'll know "bad" weed when you get it.. it won't work very well.
  • Good weed is very green and smells strong. It has very few seeds, and generally comes in bud form. Not a whole lot of stems are generally present (if someone is selling you a bag with a bunch of stems, just say no - all stems do it up the weight of the bag - same as ice does to alcoholic drinks). The greener, the better - usually. Depends on what type you're buying. If you're selling, get something from the heart of the brick - that's generally where the "good stuff" is. Bad weed doesn't have a strong smell...if you sniff it, it's hard to tell that it's marijuana. Lots of seeds, not very green at all, and is flaky. I hate flaky weed! I pull seeds and stems out before smoking because...well, have you ever smoked a blunt with a seed in it? They pop. And, they make the weed taste really bad.
  • goow weed smells like skunk/pine trees, bad weed amells kinda like skunk, but alot less easy to smell, and you take seeds and stems out because the smoke is harsh and gives you headaches, and the seeds explode when hit with fire
  • Good weed will smell good, taste good, and make you feel good! Bad weed, wont! You remove the stems and seeds because, 1)they smell & taste bad, 2)seeds will pop, 3)stems will give you headaches, 4)if it is good smoke, you want to save the seeds for future plantings.
  • honestly, the difference between whats good and what's not is totally up to you. for example, schwag is very low in THC, and takes you longer to get high (well maybe not you if you don't know the difference) but the high can give you a sensation of being EXTREMELY lightheaded. some people like schwag high. Medical grade G-13 on the other hand, at least for me, gave me a very comforting sinking feeling, and the high was more full-body. the difference between how good weed smells and bad weed smells... well, "good" weed will be much more pungent in the stench, some even smell like skunk. schwag isn't so strong when u stick ur face in it. Weed high in THC will have little crystals all over it and if you shine an LED light on it it just looks amazing. a lot of times it will have hairs stuck to the crystals, because its so sticky when its living. Good weed is usually mainly bud, while bad weed is mainly leaves. I like my weed to be nice and fluffy, not hard-packed. and why you stem and seed has already been explained.
  • the good stuff is tightly bunched in a bud form with highlights of pale green , most of the time u see tiny red or orange hairs with a nice frosted coating of crystals. bad stuff can still come in bud form but is much more lose and leafy. most of the time it will still have crystals on it but it seems as tho u can just wipe them off with your thumb, cant do taht with the good stuff..just try and smoke it.. if u get a head ache or sum sorta strain in your forhead then chances are your dealer needs a smack in the face
  • There are two main types of cannabis, sativa and indica. With the two main types come two different kinds of high. The indica will give you a sleepy, lazy type of high, while the sativa tends to give you a more active energetic high. As far as what is good and what is bad, there are several different procedures that can take place during the growth that will affect the percentage of THC that is in the plant, everything from the grow medium to the amount of light can change a good hi quality bud into a bad one. Plants grown hydroponically tend to be higher in THC than plants grown in soil,this is because when growing hydroponically you ar able to give the plants the exact nutrients needed and you can divert the plants energy from the growth of it's roots to the growth of it's foliage. Hydroponic cannabis tends to have a stronger skunkier smell while earth grown varieties tend to have a softer scent. Seeds a nd stems are removed mainly because of their low THC content ( less than .04%) and because of their difficulty to ingest.
  • Ok 1st you take out the seeds because you lose your sperm if you smoke it and you take out the stems cause stems fuckin suck. Lets move on shall we? Ok I wouldn't say that there is just good weed and bad weed. There is great weed, good weed, str8 shit, and bunk. Great weed - Has lots of noticeable crystals right on the buds, Its nice and lime green hell it mite even be purple or blue. Strong smell, Not one seed. Most likely it will have red,orange,purple,or white hairs. White hairs I wouldn't say are popular I only have seen them on one strain named "Albert walker". Good weed - May not have shit loads of crystals but you'll see a few or moderate amount. Also has nice color green mite be a dark green but none the less good weed. Red, orange hairs. Very few seeds. Comes in buds str8 of the plant and gets you high :) lol Str8 shit - Str8 shit is basically regs, Reggie, Rego. W/e you want to call it just your basic weed. Its green sometimes dark green. It mite come compact like brick weed. Has red or orange hairs sometimes not though. It mite be somewhat stem-my as in it has a lot of stems. Its has seeds(to many to count) and yea that regular weed 4 ya. Bunk - The worst of the worst. Brown ugly lookin shit. Stems up the ass and fucking hug stems too the shit looks like branches! Like a billion seeds. Nasty brown shake at the bottom. Dried out TCH cells! I can't continue you guys know the N e way yea thats what I have to say about Good weed and bad weed :) Hope you all enjoyed my answer and helped you guys out in knowing shit about weed :) lol
  • good weed smells alot like a dead skunk-really...whereas crap weed or dirt weed smells looks and tastes like,well,dirt or earth...also alot of garbage weed has alot of seeds and stems in it but the best stuff is ready to smoke-you dont have to clean it,meaning to take out the seeds and stems,which for one,dont get you high,and also are just taking up space in your pipe/joint/bong/etc...also seeds can give you a really bad headache
  • The key to increasing the potency of marijuana is preventing germination within the plant. Just like in humans, plants possess male and female sexual characteristics. The female plants possess the ability to create the psychoactive chemical THC, which is responsible for the plant's well-known effects. The male plants produce flowers which in turn produce pollen designed to fertilize the female plants and allow for the production of seeds. In the case of growing marijuana to produce potent (good) marijuana, male plants are the worst thing to allow to grow. A skilled marijuana cultivator takes the time to study the differences between male and female plants, and furthermore carries out the tedious task of regularly surveying his crops for male plants and promptly removing them. By preventing male plants from producing pollen, the female plants are thereby allowed to continue THC production, thus increasing the quality of the marijuana. In addition to promoting a predominately female crop, a marijuana cultivator must maintain a clean and healthy environment for his plants. The plants are kept free from dust, contaminants, adulterants, and are also properly watered, trimmed, and kept in a generally marijuana friendly growing area. By observing the preceding instructions, a number of things will be apparent between carefully cultivated marijuana and your low-grade amateur dope. Perhaps most noticeable will be the incredibly powerful aroma permeating from the well-tended crop. Because pollination has not occurred, the female plants were allowed to "live the single life" if you will, which includes a runaway production of THC, thickening and filling out of the buds (the portion of the plant with the highest levels of THC), and subsequently a much stronger and more distinctive smell. Secondly, the color will also differ strongly because the overall health of the plant is generally better than in the poorer quality marijuana. Stronger quality marijuana typically displays vivid and bold greens. Weaker marijuana is usually a dirty brown color. Extremely high quality marijuana will also be visually distinctive because as THC levels grow higher and higher in the buds of the plant, the fine amber to whitish colored hairs along the surfaces of the buds will become much denser and fuller. These hairs, known in the botanical word as trichomes, contain more THC than any other part of the plant's anatomy and are so potent that oftentimes the trichomes will even be harvested from dried marijuana by crushing and filtering marijuana which leaves behind a residual stockpile of the small hairs, known as "Kief", which can then be smoked or vaporized. As far as the significance of seeds in marijuana, as noted before, removing male plants prevents pollination from occurring, and thus disallows the female plants from producing seeds. Less seeds, more THC; more seeds, less THC. Therefore, it can be said that the potency of the weed is inversely propotional to the number of seeds it produces. Besides the importance of careful growing strategies, care and concern must be taken when harvesting the marijuana. Improperly harvesting the buds, drying them poorly or excessively, and exposure to harmful environmental factors can produce the brown, flattened and unappealing marijuana one would consider "bad". Finally, there are a couple of reasons why seeds and stems are shameful to find in marijuana you may have purchased from someone. First of all, seeds and stems contain the lowest levels of THC in the entire plant, yet they are also the heaviest parts of the plant because of their woodier nature. Because most marijuana, like practically every consumer product sold, is valued by its weight, filling a bag with seeds and stems is falsely raising the "value" of the marijuana by increasing its weight, while in reality robbing the buyer of the quality he is actually seeking. Secondly, it important to remove any seeds and stems you find anyway because again, the THC levels are much lower, and the smoke from these woodier parts is harsher on the lungs than that which comes from the buds and leaves. It is also particularly important to remove the seeds because of the risk in heating them. Just like what occurs when you place popcorn in the microwave, heating a marijuana seed causes the small traces of water in the seed to instantly vaporize and expand, producing a very noticeable and somewhat violent pop. This tiny explosion can actually blow portions of marijuana from a pipe or out of the side of a marijuana joint. Not to mention, it can simply be unpleasant to smoke "exploding marijuana". I hope this was thorough enough for you.
  • There is no such thing as good weed. It's all bad. People who spend too much time smoking it, will never have a good productive life because the weed will take your life over and render you brain dead, even after you stop smoking it, the effects will last long into the future. Why waste your life like that, when you can make good choices?
  • Common guys, why DR? This is a reasonable question and everyone does not have to agree with them.

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