• My fav hobby is driving. I got this interest from my family members, when I was a kid. I used to watch them closely when we travel and I slowly understood that there is some thing special in driving from there body language and expressions. Then I started asking about how to drive, how they drive without any problems etc etc and all were always ready to explain such things to me. Gradually me too started to learn how to drive and now I really love and really enjoy driving. :)
  • natural interest - a lot of my hobbies as a kid were totally 'alien to my family members!
  • For years, I was always wishing I could just make some of the things I dream up, that you can't buy, so I learned how to carve them.
  • When my husband went on his first deployment he joked to me about getting a hobby. So I did. Then he complained that he meant a hobby that didn't cost so much. lol. I got into scrapbooking because I was living in Germany with two small kids and my husband was deployed. The other wives did it, and invited me to crops. I enjoyed scrapbooking and found that I was actually good at it. I got into making web pages and web graphics (using paint shop pro) because a message board I posted on had some threads that taught me the basics. Other hobbies are just things I enjoy doing... reading, photography, etc.
  • Some from my love of sports, like my baseball card collection. Some were influenced by family and friends.

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