• I think he will try, but he has set some really high goals for himself and I'm not sure that anyone could live up to them all. I hope he can, though, for the sake of us all.
  • I hope so. That would be wonderful.
  • Given the sordid mess Bush is leaving him, we darn well better hope so.
  • I sure hope so - it would be so disappointing if he didn't
  • I can't imagine he will. There has not been this much hype for a president in a long long time, and odds are while he will do some good (like all presidents) he isn't going to change the world like many people think.
  • heck no. these nut case obama supporters act like hes gonna change the world. we need ron paul in the white house
  • I hope so...for his sake. But honestly, I think not. Not because he is incapable. (actually I think he will do good) But because there is sooooooo much hype, no one person can possibly live up to that.
  • it would be impossible for anyone to live up the the hype given Obama. He is darn near worshipped like he is God himself even though he hasn't actually done anything yet. I did not vote for him, and don't support alot of his views, but I pray for his decisions as president. He has a chance to do some good things, and even be a good president, but I just don't think that there is a chance that anyone could live up to the hype given him.
  • Problem is, I don't see any consensus as to what 'his hype' is. The country has gotten used to having a President they felt comfortable disrespecting. I think it would be helpful if they could break that habit. All he's got to work with are the players, including the citizens of the USA; and his own vision, which says its not about you win or I win, its about a return to enduring values, including truth and openness and decency.
  • I don't think it will matter. No matter what he does, I think that after his 1st term, or his second term, or even several years after he has left office, Bush will still be getting all the blame. Bush will be "that guy" for many years to come, (kinda like Jimmy Carter was).
  • I think he will try to do his best. I am afraid there has been too much put into his lap, and that our current government system is too corrupt for actual good to be done.
  • Probably not. The good thing is, everybody KNOWS that already. If he makes a good effort and achieves a few results, he'll have nothing to be ashamed of.
  • I think that his inaugural speech did an excellent job of managing expectations. There is a lot to put right, and it cannot be done overnight. If there is hype around Obama, it was not created by him.
  • I don't think it's humanly possible for him to live up to all of his own expectations or our expectations. He certainly is motivated and bent on change - if he can make just a few changes, he will be a successful president.
  • No. Nothing hyped ever does. If there were any substance to him, he wouldn't need hype. Hype is what you try to create when you're full shit and you're hoping no one will notice you continuing Bush's policies. Seeing all the sheeple worshipping at the inauguration was quite vomit inducing. It was like something out of South Park. "Yeah!!!!!! Change!!!!!! Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange!!! Yes we can! Yes we can!" .......Lame
  • No. He's a mere mortal with a superhuman job to do. People see him as a savior and there is absolutely no way, no matter how much good he does, that he can ever meet the unreasonable expectations that the people have of him
  • It should be remembered that Obama represent breaking of the race ceiling in the American politics……and America is the world’s superpower. The world has been waiting for this for a long long time…while we respect that Obama MUST put American domestic issues first, there’s no running away from the FACT that in the eyes of the world, America has come of age. One would have expected that at this age of its life, there shouldn’t be hype when a person who is not white takes office, but this is the FIRST. We, non-Americans, wish him well….and we hope that America becomes a success under him. Some of you don’t know how claustrophobic we felt under Bush…..we increasingly developed negative attitude towards America……..Obama said things we wanted to hear with regard to America’s relationship with the rest of the world……. Maybe Americans must stop this negativity about Obama and hold hands as a nation to reclaim respect from the rest of the world…….
  • anything barack does will be better than bush. except for the ocean thing.
  • No I do not think so plus he promised different things for different regions which means if he acts as he said his leadership will be fractured at best. +5
  • I truly believe so!
  • He might live up to his hype. Doesn't mean he'll fix everything. He's only one man.
  • I don't think ANYBODY could live up to his hype.
  • His enthusiam is contagious. He has given us hope and I do think he will do what he can to turn things around. He seems like he genuinely cares about people.
  • It's not up to him living up to others expectations more than being true to his calling, which has so far built some bridges in the great political divide. Now are we able to live up to an active and responsible citizenry.

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