• I once saw "FAMILY FEUD" with Richard Dawson being filmed. This is a game show. We sat in the audience, were warmed up by a comedian, instructed re: the applause sign. They shot about 5 episodes at that sitting, with the cast and families changing clothes between "days" shooting.
  • I once worked for Warner Bro's in Technical Services, and its exciting,the dangerous part of being on a set with a couple of stars is dodging the ego's, if you like good food, the chuck wagons on a movie set are 5star and the food is superb.One of best people I ever worked with was Tina Turner,she is quite a Lady. For surprises its great to be on a set with animals, on the flipper set a Dolphin took a dislike to a Crew member and pushed him out of the lagoon,I could go on forever, but if you get the opportunity go, you will be amazed at the amount of Tecnical behind the scenes stuff, theres a whole army of techs on some scenes. Why don't you contact a theme park near you as they very often have film shoots happening.
  • I have been on movie sets for independent films; but not in Hollywood or any big name studios. I have been a part of a few local production crews; but that was a long time ago. What was it like? For me, it was just another job.
  • My two sisters played orcs in "Lord of the rings 3" They said it was a blast!
  • I got to work traffic for several different types of shoots...both TV and a couple of Movies. The work was what it usually was...heads aware, be on the game, do NOT allow any civilians to walk or drive through the filming areas. The food, as mentioned WAS fantastic! lol Strawberries the size of my FIST (what freaking Nuck power plant did they grow these suckers next to??? Tasting like the most perfect fruit I'd ever had...Roast name it. The first thing the director would tell us is GO EAT! You people need a good meal before we start here! Spielberg ALWAYS gave us our own Gopher...everytime! The Gopher's entire day was spend cycling around to each of us asking what he /she could get us. Water, an apple, candy, chips..snacks...or did we need someone to spell us for a trip to the "Honey Pot" (bathroom trailer). That was pretty cool. I also got to work with setting up some stunts on one film, the Stunt Guys were AWESOME...Really NICE, informative at to how it was going to work, and made me feel like a part of the "team." That was just nice of them, they didn't have to be that kind.
  • When I lived in Louisiana the movie The Man in the Moon was being filmed and they did a scene in the town I lived in. My family and I went down and watched as they shot the scene. It was great. I had my picture taken with 2 of the crew members.
  • I have worked for about 15 years behind the scenes in movies and television series,In Hollywood and other cities.I have most experience as a set dresser and help decorate the sets.There is about half the time spent on locations and the rest in in sound studios.I have become very used to the industry and do not find much glamour or excitement.It requires 12 hour days 5 days a week.Sometimes ,but rarely 7 days a week.One becomes weary and cranky after too many hours.One must a patience with others i the industry.You see how things are shot and you do get to work with stars.When shooting it can be tedious as many takes are needed to complete a shot.In all it is a fun industry and is not a 9 to 5.So I am fortunate to work in the biz.
  • I've worked in and on A-list features since '86 and find this old quote to be quite on target: "The first day on the set is the most exciting day ever; the second day on the set is the most boring day ever." But that's only if you're just observing as a "tourist" and aren't studying the craftsmen, the talent, the suits, the system -- it can all be wonderfully interesting if you focus on one or two professionals and watch them do their jobs for the entire day (12 hours+). If you're interested and live near a bigger city, check out their Film Commission -- they often use locals as extras with or without pay (always lunch!) and you can sign up to be a part of the set yourself. It's not so glamorous to work as a living prop, but we could never do it without them (CGI not-withstanding)!

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