• george carlin -Brad
  • Celebrity deaths have never really meant a whole lot to me. I guess because I tend to think of the characters they play and don't tend to think of them as real people. I guess when I was a kid Pete Duel's death kind of shocked me but that was because I really liked the show "Alias Smith & Jones" that he starred in. I also liked Jean Shepherd quite a bit. His death kind of bummed me out for a little while. Mostly because I would have liked to meet him. He was a monologist an unusual insight to life not many people have and I would have enjoyed talking with him. Overall though none of their deaths has bothered me to the point it ruined my day or caused me to dwell on it more than a few minutes.
  • John Lennon's killing near broke my heart.
  • John F. Kennedy. He was a US President but I also considered him a celebrity since he was very popular and charismatic.
  • Its between Bruce Lee and Christopher Reeve. Even though Bruce Lee died when I was like 3 years old.
  • Diana Princess Of Wales.
  • Many of them, but the ones I think about most: McLean Stephenson (MASH) Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon) John Lennon (Beatles) George Harrison (Beatles) Bing Crosby (White Christmas) Dean Martin (movies & TV variety show) Groucho Marx (movies & TV) Johnny Carson (Tonight Show) George Carlin (Comedian) Shari Lewis (Ventrilloquist, Kids show) Captain Kangaroo (TV Kids show) And, as I said, many others. :-(
  • heath ledger and river phoenix bernie mac
  • probably just recently the death of George Carlin. I had just heard the news and then I was watching a show of his that was on tv. it was like I knew everything he was going to say before he said it almost as if it was what i wanted him to say or something... It freaked me out worse than anything because my grandfather always told me that he thought this house was haunted with the spirit of my father and I always thought he was just full of it but now i totally believe in to be inference of some type of spiritual interaction. it freaks me out when I think of the other rational explinations for it, but my favorite, and one I have come to terms with as the least freaky is that the program had aired once before while I was sleeping maybe and I memorized the words or something. The unknown is always quite bothersome. My least favorite hypothysis is that George Carlin was murdered by the same group that my father was and they are really messing with my head somehow.
  • I'm not even sure why but at the time I remember being very disturbed about the death of Thurman Munson of the Yankees.
  • Princess diana.
  • Redd Foxx, John Belushi, Chris Farely, Ray Combs

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