• The oldest existing lighthouse in the world is La Torre de Hercules located in La Coruña, in Galicia, Spain. They say this lighthouse dates back to ca. 20BC. In Turkey, during the excavations performed in Patara, ruins of a lighthouse that is almost 2,000 years old was found. This lighthouse is exactly 60 years older than the one in Spain which was known as the oldest. Ruins of the world's oldest lighthouse were found in Antalya on Patara Beach under the sand piles.
  • # The oldest lighthouse in the world is not known. The first definite and documented lighthouse in the world was the Pharos of Alexandria, built in about 200 BC, although beacons were certainly used before that time. The oldest working lighthouse in the world is at La Coruña in NW Spain, near the town of Ferol. A lighthouse has been on this site since the time of the Roman emperor Trajan. # The oldest lighthouse in the UK still stands in the grounds of Dover Castle. The Roman Emperor Caligula ordered the tower to be built there in AD 90. # The world’s first stone lighthouse tower at sea was the Smeaton Eddystone lighthouse, built in 1756-9. Smeaton is today known as "The Father of Civil Engineering". He invented many new engineering designs for his lighthouse, including the dovetailing of rocks, marine cements and special cranes to lift rocks out of a boat and onto the reef. When his lighthouse was finished, it was lit with a mere twenty-four candles. Today, the power of lighthouse lights could be equivalent to as many as several million candles. For more fun facts about lighthouses visit,

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