• they look to them as their dady
  • Maybe a good man would stick to women who are a better age. Why blame the girl? Your perspectives are really strange to me! Seriously.
  • And married men why go after a taken man? They don't think about it sometimes when the guy gets a statutory rape charge that it affects the rest of their life, they can't even be around their own nieces and nephews at that point, can't decorate for holidays or anything, thats sad if the man didn't even know
  • They are lacking a father figure in their life.
  • Well the answer is, they are not. There are some who try to say they are older but honestly, if a grown man cant tell perhaps he should keep it in his pants. There are probably more men who intentionally go after underage girls than the other way round.
  • I've met alot of men who dont care how young someone is. When I was asked at 14 how old I was some young men would say "Your nearly the age of consent, will anyone care if you start earlier?". Or at 16 when I met some guy in my university class he said "16 eh, still fresh... what say you and I get together later". He was older than my dad.
  • cuz there more mature, and good looking, and they just fall in love w/ everything about them im in the same perdicument see i like sum1 that is 17 and im 12 were 5 years apart, but we still like eachothe (to bad were not goin out i want to so bad i just dnt no if we can cuz summ people say its against the law and sum people say we can just unless we dnt have sex or oral sex) but neway yahh girl fall for older men cuz there more charming, hansum & mature.....
  • manly bc of matureness and understanding im 14 and i im talking to a 21 year old . and i use to date a 18 when i was 13 but i never lie about my age bc some guys are really sweet and can get into trouble over it so yea
  • who knows girls(not all but most)are getting dumber and dumber and sorry but i blame the idiot box but its every where tho look at myspace and all those other sites they lie to get on those and expose themselves and im sorry but a man is a man they look and wanna touch my own bf looks but dont touch well he better not if he knows whats good for him lol but its because of the idiot box too they see the media telling them what is attractive and thats younger woman and now a days the underagers look like they're 20 so you never really know the girl knows but like shes really gonna say anything to them its a thrill to be with an older man even if it does land him in a lot of hot water and ruin his life its not gonna ruin theirs so they dont brother went through it and now he has a lable for life because some stupid little 15 year old girl lied she wrote in her diary that they slept together which was a lie because the night in question my brother was with me and the family and her mother found it and had him arrested when it went to trial they didn't believe him or us when we told them he was no where near the girl so now he can't even see his own daughters so i kinda have a personal problem with this plain out bs
  • I was that girl. I loved older men and was always interested in men 15 years or so older. Yes, I was looking for a father figure. And I kind of got off on the idea of me being a sort-of-innocent girl with an experienced older man - it made me go weak at the knees.
  • For many reasons. Older men offer maturity, independence, and disposable income. If you were a young girl, would you rather date a mature older man, or a boy your age who's still obsessed with armpit farts and who can't take you to the movies because he doesn't have money and he has to get mama's permission? Independence is sexy! Older men can also be alluring to a young woman who's never had a supportive father figure in her life, as other posters have pointed out. But I think people are too quick to jump to this conclusion when it's not always the correct one. After all, many girls are dating older men so they can get out of the house for a while.
  • That's a bit of an over-statement, don't you think? "Why are SOME underage girls..." would be better: more realistic, and less offensive. There are girls who lie about their age, but they can only lie so much. A 14-year old, no matter how mature she looks, isn't going to look 24, and a "good" man should be able to tell the difference. If we're talking about a small margin -- like, she's 17 and said she was 19 and you are 23 -- then it's unlikely you will get into "deep trouble" if you hire a good attorney and argue your case honestly. Any larger of a margin than that, and it is your own fault.
  • I wouldn't say that underage girls are "obsessed" with older men...they just find them more appealing because they think they are more mature than guys their own age. Otherwise, some girls just like the trouble!
  • There looking for somebody whos stable; there looking for a man who knows what he wants and is a provider.
  • My wife was that way. For her, she was searching for a daddy figure in her life. But, it was also a status thing amoung her friends. My wife "got" an older man who was engaged to someone else. Within her group of friends, she gained status because she managed to attract an older man who was engaged. Her friends were impressed and for my wife, fitting in, being accepted and having status within her group of friends was more important than the consequences. For example, if his fiancee found out or she got pregnant or caught a disease. Those things were not as important to her. But, being accepted by her friends and having a higher status was important. It didn't matter that it was only a one night stand. What mattered is she "got" him. She really had to try hard to get him. Finally, one day, she unzipped his pants and started stroking him. For me, it was a little unsettling that after six months of marriage, she decided she needed an aids test due to that encounter with the older man.
  • ---------- i have seen girls like this before im a guy and most of you guys know how hard it is when your getting older and you love to do it but jail is not for you i have had to turn down this girl she was just to young for me but in the back of my head im saying just do it but i did not she ask me if i wanted to do her girls were not that way back in the 60's & 70's at all i did it then i think if they were
  • Because they are man, not boys.
  • A few reasons: - Wanting to be daddy's little girl - older man have more power and are usually intellectual, sexual and moneywise more developed - it gives the girl a feeling of power if she is able to get him, especially if he is already in a relationship. Gives her the feeling that 'she is very special' (though in many of those situations she hardly realises she could be any young girl and it's pure lust and/or the stroking of the man's ego)
  • I think under aged girls that think this way have underlying issues, but then again how much older are we talking about? When I was 16, I looked older than my age and was more filled out. I looked for older HS boys because boys my age were babyish. If we are talking under aged girls looking for men, then more than likely the girl has issues where she did not have a father figure and yes, this can get men in big it should if he is willing to take a chance and mess with someone under aged. Ask for a drivers license if in doubt.
  • A few years back, I met a 23-year old woman in a pub, and I being age 37,I went about my business. I am a very good athlete with a body to match. I am bit of a handsome fellow and that is what caught her eye. She hustled me before I knew it happened. She liked older men because they were well-versed in sex; older men performed much better than teen aged boys. She liked hair-chested men./ She liked the fact I could take her on a trip in a whim. I had a motor home and boat. A boat ride, meant sex on an open beach, or in the boat, in the water - a risk taker indeed! A risk-taker many hobbies which made me an interesting guy. She enjoyed the monetary security and intelligence factor. Through the years she developed into a gorgeous older woman, and now in her 50s, she's slowed down to a bit pace. There you have it.
  • If they are I would guess it is because they want to appear more mature or they think they can get better treatment or status being with someone older. No sure what kind of "deep trouble" they get "a good man" into - why would it be more so than any women? And why are older men so obsessed with young girls? Why do they get good girls into deep trouble?
  • They habe solid paychecks to blow money on them instead of piddly allowances. They can go to adult places and do adult things. They can live in fantasy land that they are sophisticated and get to do things their friends cant.
  • First of all,I have only experienced pervy old mental cases trying to snatch my innocence. Not the other way around!!

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