• Well, she gets whatever I give her. Mine was left behind from the previous home owners. Oh wait... that wasn't your question. I just give her about a handful, and I keep giving her the same thing until the bag is empty. No canned cat food. Too expensive. She gets dry food from the bag and should be damn grateful for that! :) I feed kitty whenever the bowl is empty.
  • They generally get the cheapest. Cats are hardy creatures, they don't need anything fancy. They do get a canned food now and then, but it's a treat. I used to give my cat one can a day and as much dry as he wanted. Now we have three cats and they are just going to have to live within our budget.
  • HI again, Rosie!! As someone with nine! I use alot. I try to stay with just two or three brands of the dry and only buy the 9-Lives moist. I keep a big bowl of dry, full all day. For moist, I mix two cans with about two cups of dry and mix it all up. I put that in one dish and make them all share it once a day. ****Editted as a comment to Rosie**** 1-15-2009 Hey,,,,,you know.....typing is kind of hard with a cat wrapped around your wrist chewing on your arm!! LOL We originally started buying the canned just for the Himalayan, Trixie who stopped eating everything. Then felt guilty that she was the only one getting canned. Then figured she should be eating the dry too and thought she would eat it mixed and it worked. She's a skinny little thing. ((((Thursday HUGS))))
  • I've done a lot of research on cat nutrition and, based on that, here's my current regimen: I feed a high-quality dry that contains no grain. I alternate that with a grain-free canned food and a commercial raw rabbit or venison food that has organs and bone ground into the meat.
  • I usually go between Friskies, Meow Mix and Special Kitty in the dry foods, depending on what's on sale. I give primarily Nine Lives and Special Kitty canned food. I keep dry food out all the time, and at night I open either 1 big can, or 2-3 small cans (depending on how greedy my gang is), and let them all have a taste. The canned food is more as a treat than as a meal. Gives them something to look forward to when I come home from work.
  • We feed one brand of dry, Wellness and a different brand for wet, Evo. We feed the same dry but sometimes switch flavors of the wet each case. They do have their favorites and one of those I can't afford to feed often so it's more like a treat. I feed half of a large can of wet food to 3 cups of dry for 4 cats, ages 1 year to 20.
  • I feed my darlins both dry and canned. I keep a pan filled with dry they have constant access to. I also gibe them canned twice a day. They like Friskies, Nine Lives and store brand sardines.
  • I feed mine both i leave a dish of dried down all the time and feed her canned meat through the day,i do that so she has a choice and isn't stuck on the same thing everyday:)
  • For some reason, the only kind of cat food my cats will eat is Meow Mix, but it has to be seafood flavored!
  • Rosie, I saw a show on tv with a vet on there telling pet food and it really opened my eyes to the garbage that is in alot of the brand sold in reg. stores. I went to Evo online and got 2 coupons and save alot on the Evo. food. It has omega oil in it real meat and lots of other stuff vegetable too. I wont go back to the other food . I do get it at a specialty pet food store and they have a list on the web. I believe the website may be under Nutro. They will tell tell you where to buy. Gemma loves the soft food and I put alil crunchy food in to keep teeth clean. Bookie like only hard food. So I give her fish and tuna also for a snack she is the best kept kittie and they are Gems. Cats are graziers they eat alil and then come back a few hours later and eat alil more not at all like dogs that gobble it up all at once.
  • Alternate, depending on deals i can find. Couple of weeks ago, a local pet store I wouldnt usually go to, had a 2for1 deal on all dried catfood. Huge savings so got Royal Canin (kitten) AND Iams (kitten) - 2 of each. Occasionally also get Hills Science from my vet. Unfortunately the kittens prefer the adult stuff - we get PurinaOne for the adults. Tried Nutrience - none of them liked it. They're also not keen on Optimum. Shame the good ones come in big expensive bags - especially when they turn their noses up at them. Have gotten quite a few free samples online tho - gotta love freeie sites :)
  • It's always smart to think about how the big cat eats in the wild because genetically all cats are related and have VERY similar internal working systems. They don't dine on the exact same meal everyday. Commercial dry food(even the high quality stuff), is processed and void of ANY kind of moisture. Your cat should have some soft food everyday but on the other hand, a feline should not solely live on soft either. When a cat catches a prey, they devour the entire kill...bones, ligaments, flesh etc. There needs to be a balance. A diet that consists solely of crunchies will most certainly cause future health problems sooner or later. These may range from Kidney, bladder to Digestive. Please also keep in mind, that feeding your cat a higher quality food now, although more exspensive, you will still save money in the long run because it will keep future health problems less probable. One last thing, NO FREE FEEDING. Get a set schedule for your cat. It should eat twice a day normally, although there are circumstances where it may have to eat more, such as hyperthyroidism, free feeding is yet another way of just asking for an array of future health problems. I speak from 30 years of personal experience from my own animals, as well as many years of animal rescue, years of research on Pet Nutrition and The Scary Scary Commercial Pet Food Industry. I have written numerous articles on these topics, as well. Hopefully, something I wrote might be helpful to you in the future. Good luck.:)

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