• I'm the vocalist for a band, and we use a lot of screaming vocals in a lot of our songs. I use a lot of time to practice my screaming techniques, as well as well as my clean vocals. You're going to want to do a variety of different exercises. Practice breathing in for the number of seconds you want to scream (slow and steady), and then exhale slow and steady for the same amount of time. Use something lukewarm to coat your through, I suggest Arizona Green Tea with Honey, works miracles. If you have anymore questions you can email me @
  • what you do exhail slowly dont use all youre air at once there is somethang that melissa cross (the vocal coach for bands like slipknot & bullet for my valentine) teaches it is called dump where you use youre lungs & diafram as a resavore you use only the air off the top & exhale slowly untill you make it bigger than you let out the rest. you should try looking up melissa cross on youtube her stuff really works!!

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