• I don't see why not.
  • Yes, it's a passive electronic, it won't disrupt the aircraft's systems or communication.
  • I certainly would NOT put in checked lugggage especially since checked luggage is not supposed to be locked! Too many places for it to 'disappear'.
  • I've never read any rules banning carrying a GPS. As long as it's turned off, I don't see a problem.
  • Yes, my husband and I brought our GPS in our carry on luggage on a flight from Dulles Airport to Miami.
  • Yes...never been questioned about it before!! And a great way to not get lost wherever you're going, just a free tip for those that travel and don't have one yet!!
  • GPS units are not prohibited, see below. However according to rules you will have to turn off any device that sends or receives a signal, including your GPS, during flight. I know hikers who take them and have been asked to put the NiMH batteries in checked baggage.

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