• No, not unless it's been healed a long time and the piercing has naturally stretched a little. Even then, you should use a lubricated 14g taper to stretch your piercing and insert the jewelry. If you aren't wanting to stretch your piercing, which is a permanent change, then just go get the correct size, and make sure you double check in the future.
  • it really depends on how old the piercing is if its a fresh piercing it will be hard to get inand could cause some issues if its an older piercing then you might have a little trouble getting it it but it will be fine although it will stretch the hole
  • if it is healed then u should have no problem, but if not don't. and once u gauge it, u may never be able 2 get it to a 16 again
  • I wouldn't do it. You don't want to rip or tear your skin especially on your face where it would be really noticable not to mention painful. Plus, you don't want to worry about infection either. If you got it professionally gauged or something you would be better off if u really wanted to use the 14 GA jewelry that bad.

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