• Yes all facilities that promote health should be free.....
  • No, but they can already be paid for with your Flexible Spending Account, if I remember correctly.
  • Yes, if we're really serious about promoting fitness and good health.
  • Sure..if and only if my healthy food purchases are also tax deductible. You are what you eat..right? We eat a lot of veggies, fruits, whole grains. We don't eat crap. If you get a tax deduction for your healthy lifetstyle, I want equal treatment, equal credit for our healthy lifestyle. Happy Wednesday! :)
  • No way. Poor people can't afford Gym memberships and they don't have the taxes owed from which to deduct the membership fee. People can be fit by physical work, walking the sidewalks and running outside. They don't need a gym. If it ever is tax deductible a dollar limit needs to be put on it. Some golf club memberships are in the thousands of dollars.
  • Even IF they were tax deductible, they would fall into the Schedule A, medical, subject to 7.5% of your income, so you would have to be able to itemize and then you'd have to have medical in excess of 7.5% of your income! Most people do not get medical on their Schedule A due to this high limit!
  • Only if my cigarettes can be deducted. They keep my weight down. JUST KIDDING, PEOPLE!
  • Of course not.

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