• Why would you need to go to the doctor? I am 20 and 5'4'' and have never been informed of having a medical condition.
  • males can keep growing until they turn 21, sometimes older. you can get x-rays, and a doc will tell you if you are done growing, and possibly how much taller you will get.
  • My step dad is 5'2 just count yourself lucky and be done with it.
  • hi sweetie, my dad was only 5ft7, i don't think thats too short for a male at all. i know its not the same cause i'm female, but i'm only 5ft :) x
  • Thanks people :) x Prob is my 14 year old sister is 5ft 6 already! :O She will be taller than mee soon! :(
  • about your sister- don't let it bug you. tbh i think 5ft6/7 is quite tall for a girl anyway. the best things come in small packages xx
  • You didn't say if you're a boy or a girl thou it appears you're a boy from screenname. Anyway, you'll continue to grow till you're 21 but very slowly, probably, not much more than another inch. This may sound like an old wive's tale but I've seen plenty of short kids who became very active in sports and shut up like you wouldn't believe. You may wanna try that and if it doesn't help, at least it won't hurt
  • I'm 6'5" and let me tell you it's no great pleasure. On the bus, I get bruises on my knees from the seat in front of me. In supermarkets I have to get down on my hands and knees to get at the bottom shelf. In many stores, signage hits me in the forehead as I walk by. Pants come pre-hemmed these days, which means I can't buy anything off the rack which goes lower than the top of my ankle bone. Shirt cuffs never reach all the way down to the end of my wrists. Getting into and out of cars means folding myself like a paper crane, and even with the seat pushed all the way back I usually end up riding with my knees to my ears and my head tilted sideways -- or out the sun roof. Being big might have been an advantage five hundred years ago when a person had to lift and tote heavy objects on a daily basis, or when a person had to fend off rampaging huns with an sword, but today it's a small man's world.
  • You're already taller than I'll ever be. Congratulations!
  • Dr. won't help you now. Growth hormones are given to small children.(can you imagine any parent doing that?) Not everyone is TALL. Society plays too much importance on stature and none on the person. It really bothers me. You should be glad your healthy, active and alive. Just because a person is tall doesn't mean they are smart, well adjusted, hung like a horse, or good at sports. Or even good looking. Many shorter men are really much bigger men. I hope you find that out. I married one and he is terrific in everyway. So, cheer up and good luck:)
  • You are a good height... You MAY grow some more in college, but don't count on it. (I did, but...) I'm 6'-9" tall. TRUST me when I say you don't WANT to be that tall, if you can help it. You have to remember to duck in EVERY door; most of the NICE cars are too small; try finding chairs that are comfortable; tables are too low, most of the time, for knees; counters are too low (back aches); everything is built for people between 5' or so, and 6'-2". Besides... Did you EVER pay attention to the height of some of the biggest stars? Most are under 6'-0" tall. LOL
  • you might still grow, i would just be thankful youre not 4ft5 like me

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