• Yep, autopilot. I do the same sometimes reading... I'll have read a whole page and not taken any of it in somehow... where does it go? :)
  • I guess because you're so used to driving it's become a sort of ritual and not exciting anymore, therefore causing your brain to kind of shut down. When I am cycling to work I often do this. I always feel safe and know what I'm doing but when I get to work I don't remember the journey.
  • Yes, and it's becoming more disturbingly frequent.
  • more and more as time goes by.
  • I used to drive a tractor Trailer, You dont know how many times Id snap to and be 100 miles away from where I thought I was. Scarey huh? It happens to everyone your subconscience takes over without you ever realizing it.
  • Yes, more times than I care to admit!
  • yeah, to and from work is usually a blur.
  • Once, while driving home to visit my parents, I completely lost half of the trip. Last thing I remembered was Nashville, TN. Woke up as I was parking my car in my parents driveway three states and 400 miles later. Scared the cr*p outta me.
  • I am 56. I have been driving since I was 18. Driving has become something of a second nature to me by now. Driving to me is omething like putting a plane on auto-pilot. So most of the time I do not remember anything about the drive by the time I get to the destination. But my mind is working all the time while driving. I sort of relax by driving so solutions to problems come easy. So it is never like a day dream either. It is just a drive pure and simple.

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