• You don't like rain soaked cake? I don't like "Papa don't preach" and "The Little Drummer Boy"
  • "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" used by some religions as a part of their programming of the very young.
  • It's really bad, that's true. But quality is pyramidal: it's narrow at the top and very, very broad at the bottom. There are such an incredible number of candidates for worst-ever that one must simply never face the list for fear of mental overload. Anyway, I was once in a band in High School which featured a guitar player who wanted to be a songwriter. Lets just say his true calling was bricklayer. MacArthur Park would have been a huge breakthrough for him.
  • That one's pretty bad, I agree. Some of my candidates: "Spirit in the Sky"; "Delta Dawn"; "Stop! In the Name of Love"; "The Candy Man Can".
      Ahh! Philistine! "Spirit in the Sky" is one of the greats of rock 'n' roll! that guitar riff! So good!
  • My vote for worst of all time is, Honky Tonk Ba Donky Donk (or however in the hell it's spelled:)
  • How about Bob the Builder and the Teletubbies songs (uk) or even worse than them The Blobby song!!! by Mr Blobby total inane mental overload AAAAH!!! :(
  • That one and "You were always on my mind". I mean really. Maybe I was a jerk and messed around, but by-cracky, I was always thinking about ya. Oh yes, and that goofy "Never been to me" song. That has to be one of the worst.
  • I Am I Said -- Neil Diamond.
  • Annie Song John Denver...
  • Achy Breaky Heart, Barbie Girl, and any song that repeats itself over and over and over (well you get what I mean!)
  • "Who Let the Dogs Out?" should win this battle, hands-down!
  • My area's the same, you can't go into a gas station or store that isn't playing country. Ah, Toby Keith .. their stand against him and the C.M.A. is why I'm a fan of The Dixie Chicks. I can't stand that arrogant neanderthal son of a bitch, and really frightening are his legions of fans. I understand your disdain for twang and drawl these days. I couldn't watch Will Farrell's spoof on Nascar with my family for just that reason.
  • I never cared for it either but read the lyrics. There are much worse songs out there. Spring was never waiting for us, girl It ran one step ahead As we followed in the dance Between the parted pages and were pressed, In love's hot, fevered iron Like a striped pair of pants [Chorus] MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark All the sweet, green icing flowing down... Someone left the cake out in the rain I don't think that I can take it 'Cause it took so long to bake it And I'll never have that recipe again Oh, no! I recall the yellow cotton dress Foaming like a wave On the ground around your knees The birds, like tender babies in your hands And the old men playing checkers by the trees [Chorus] There will be another song for me For I will sing it There will be another dream for me Someone will bring it I will drink the wine while it is warm And never let you catch me looking at the sun And after all the loves of my life After all the loves of my life You'll still be the one. I will take my life into my hands and I will use it I will win the worship in their eyes and I will lose it I will have the things that I desire And my passion flow like rivers through the sky. And after all the loves of my life After all the loves of my life I'll be thinking of you And wondering why. MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark All the sweet, green icing flowing down... Someone left the cake out in the rain I don't think that I can take it 'Cause it took so long to bake it And I'll never have that recipe again Oh, no! Oh, no No, no Oh NO!!
  • "Kick me Sweet Jesus Through the Goal Post of Life." It's from a movie soundtrack like the South Dallas 40, or Nashville or something. I haven't heard it since I saw the film, but it was so bad it was good. LMAO. There are so many. It's like the lyricists just said fuck it and tried to write themselves out of their contracts: "I'd Rather Have a Bottle in Front of Me Than a Frontal Labotomy" "Before the Ring On Your Finger Turns Green" "Itty Bitty Titties" "You Can't Have Your Kate and Edith Too" "She Got the Gold Mine, I Got the Shaft" "I Made Her the Queen of My Doublewide Trailer" "How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away" "Your Wife's Been Cheatin' On Us Again" "(When Your Phone Don't Ring) It'll Be Me" "I'm The Only Hell My Mama's Ever Raised" "What Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)" "Red Necks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer" "I Married Her Just Because She Looked Like You" "I Won't Lay Momma's Silver For A Man Who Won't Say Grace" "My Visa Card Aint Big Enough for the Two of Us" "You Shut The Door on The Big Toe Of My Heart" "Get your Tounge out of my Mouth I'm Kissing you Bye-Bye" "You're the Reason our Kids are Ugly" "I've Got Tears In My Ears From Laying On My Back Crying Over You" "Take The 'L' Out Of 'Lover' And It's Over" "If Drinking Dont Kill Me (Her Memory Will)" "Mama's in the Graveyard, Papa's in the Pen" "You're Wanted by the Police and My Wife Thinks You're Dead" "I'm Tired of Your Lying Lips and False Teeth" "You Said You Were a Virgin But Your Baby Ain't Named Jesus" "Her Teeth Was Stained, But Her Heart Was Pure" "How Can A Whiskey That's 6 Years Old Whup A Man That's 33?" "I Been Roped And Thrown By Jesus In The Holy Ghost Corral" "I Can't Get Over You, So Why Don't You Get Under Me?" "I Got In at 2 With a 10 and Woke Up at 10 With a 2" "I Hate Every Bone In Your Body Except Mine" "I Knew I'd Hit Rock Bottom When I Woke Up On Top Of You" "I Liked You Better Before I Knew You So Well" "I Meant Every Word That He Said" "I Wish I Were In Dixie Tonight, But She's Out Of Town" "I Wouldn't Take You To A Dog Fight Even If I Thought You Could Win"
  • Anything by Madonna.
  • Centerfold- J. Geils. Nah nah na nah nah nah. NAH!
  • Mine is that horrible song they sing at Christmas about "walking in a winter wonderland".
  • When you write a top "10" hit, maybe your opinion will be worth something.
  • I actually liked Donna Summer's version. (Love that voice.) But yeah...lots of those old "crooner" songs sound like dreck to more modern rock 'n' roll ears. The worst song? How about "Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer"? No...I gotta go with "Achy Breaky Heart". It's even worse.
  • My pick for worst song is "Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice. I hate every song VI "sings"
  • The worst song has to be "My Boyfriend's Back" by the Angels. Can you think of anything worse than a song glorifying violence and sexual jealousy? It's a despicable song that should never have seen the light of day.
  • The worst song I can think of to me is the following: "Its a gas" by Alfred E. Newman. Bet you can figure out what the subject is. LOL

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