• No, we can always find more beyond where that came from!
  • I hope so. From the highest realms of the federal government down to the individual on main street, we must stop borrowing money for the luxuries of life.
  • No..I believe it is on hiatus temporarily. The "good times" will roll again..maybe not as many..maybe not for awhile..but people will forget these times and start getting what they want instead of wanting what they get... people will be in debt, stay in debt and not care... that is because they want what they want when they want little children. Perhaps it is a few years down the road..but we'll get there again..sadly! Happy New Year's Eve Day! :)
  • I hope so. We are underappreciating the world more and more everyday.
  • Not yet...but slowly will. Then when things get better they will start to live beyonds means again. We are humans.
  • Nope. It's gonna have to take a lot more than this and a long time for that to change
  • No, The United States will be survived! God bless USA.
  • I hope so. People are way to materialistic these days.
  • As living beyond one's means involves credit, I think, for the average American, yes, it's over.
  • Not entirely, yet. Sadly, there will have to be more lessons learned the hard way for many before they truly realize exactly what this means. On the other hand; hard times are not always 100% bad times. A great deal can be learned from them and sometimes, only from them.
  • Not yet - but soon
  • "Not likely!"
  • God I hope not... But Obama doesn't seem very forgiving when it comes to anyone else because he is under such self control. I hear he is rather cheap in life and probably will expect us all to follow his lead? But that would mean that my A-hole father was right. If you can't afford to buy it with cash you don't need it. But I do... I DO need it!
  • No once you get used to a certain lifestyle its hard to change. I think people will use their credit cards even more now.
  • nope. American style capitalism relies heavily on the willingness of people to take on debt. It's a delicate balance but our way of life (the good and bad) would radically change if we abandoned living beyond our means. I don't do it personally, but the system does not fall apart when one weirdo like me chooses not to participate. Too many industries depend on us buying stuff based on want rather than need. In fact, we treat many luxury things as needs. When i hear that all the pay day loan places and rent a center type businesses are all filing for bankruptcy, I will change my mind.

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