• It is possible but its difficult to say. My two cents, I think it more and more likely. The bailouts and all the other fun and games the monster known as the Federal Reserve has been trying lately are nothing more than attempts to slow the collapse a little.
  • Chances are strong! Let's Expect for the best...
  • it will come sad but true. some strategists say that it may even totally collapse the economy...
  • Our economic situation is different now than it was back in the 1930's in that legislation has been passed to establish "safeguards" and "safety nets" to prevent another Great Depression from happening. However, watching the feeble attempts that the Bush administration has put forth along with a Congress that does not seem to know what it is doing, certainly negates the effectiveness of some of the safeguards, like the banking legislation/bail out. I do believe that this time our economy is global and broad based enough to weather a bad economic storm, of which we are in right now. It will get worse before it gets better, but I do not believe it will become another "Great Depression."
  • what many people dont know is the first great depression was not limited to the US. it was global. in germany it was normal for people to be paid twice daily so they could spend the money befor it lost any more value. it was more effective to burn currency then buy fire wood in yet another country. and the conditions are text book example of murphy's law (whatever can go wrong will) the chinesse stock exchange is in the same shape as ours here at home. perhaps our country played a key role but our economy is connected firmly to everyone elses and if a depression hits it will again be global i fear.

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