• "Braveheart" (Too real for me!)
  • Seven Pounds.
  • Elizabeth; The Golden Age. The part where Mary Stuart is informed that she is to be tried for treason, which means an execution if she's found guilty. And, of course she will be found guilty. I mean, I know she deserves it, but that scene felt so heavy lol, when you realize everything is over. You can see her just about snap at the end of the video out of despair. I think it's pretty sad. Another worthy mention is The Other Boleyn Girl, with Anne's execution. I mean it's like, she really didn't know what she was getting into, and fell so low through political buggery and unfaltering diplomacy. That people have to die without really understanding why, ha ha.
  • "Burn After Reading"-anger that I actually paid to see it.
  • 'the good german'
  • This isn't totally deep or meant to be controversial in any way. At the gym tonight, I caught a big snippet of Juno. It left me feeling a little bad about the extent to which teenage pregnancy was totally hip, fun, and for the better good of society. I don't want to stir anything here. Just saying, I was upset to watch this film tonight and think about teenage pregnancy as being as pertinent to American culture as it apparently is.
  • The Hurricane with Denzel Washington. But after some research, turns out that most of the screenplay was not factual at all.
  • I'm not entirely certain if this was the last film (I'm fairly sure it wasn't), but it was the first one that popped into my head. "The Green Mile"
  • "Reservoir Dogs", for me, not only did that movie ruined the song "Stuck in the Middle with you".but it spooked me.
  • Into the Wild - 2007
  • As a kid, Old Yeller upset me very much. As an adult, Apocalypse Now really did the trick

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