• "internets"...?
    • Linda Joy
      That's the first thing I noticed as well!
  • People on the internet, really freakout when a person misspells or uses incorrect grammar because they the person perceives them as 'grammar' smarts. Thus, a person thinks they are superior on the internet because they think they are behind a computer. Having said this, a person will do anything to make them feel superior. Therefore, they will correct a person's grammar or rage at another person because it's not at school, rather it's on the INTERNET. Consequently, having incorrect spelling will make a person with low-education make them feel that they have a high-education. a high education on the internet.
  • They don't understand the culture.
  • It appears to others that if a person is a lousy speller that they may not appear educated.This is not the case,for many have a hard time spelling certain words.These days many computers have a spell check option where the words can be corrected as they are typed.
  • I don't 'freak out,' but I do comment now and again, because the ones that use chatspeak or Ebonics in places where the general public does not, I perceive as both lazy and arrogant. There are many people that have a hard time reading that stuff, and the fact that people don't care enough about themselves to want to be understood, says a lot. When *I* have to puzzle out what they are saying, I know my Love, Arisztid, who is dyslexic, probably could not read it at all. When things I used in high school as references are now considered the norm for graduate-level English majors, I see the degeneration of our country. If you are lazy about making sure you are understood, then what else are you lazy about? Work? Do you show up for interviews in pants around your knees and vulgar t-shirts? Do you then blame the 'system' when you don't get hired? I was taught that how you present yourself matters. If you can't bother using proper grammar and spelling, then it shows you as lazy, uncaring, and generally not worth knowing. If a person misspells a single word, it is no big deal to me. I do it too. But when their posts are riddled with it, or if it is deliberate misspellings (dat, U C, iz KoOl!) it tells me they do not care. And thus, neither should I care. About the questions they have, the answers they give, or their feelings. I also will go after people that attack others or call them stupid, while misspelling words.
  • Because they're not human. It's part of being a human or technology, they're bound to make mistakes like it or not.
  • They think they are the spelling police.
  • Misspelling is ok...but come on some people go over the top!!
  • I hate miss spelling if i do it but not that bothered if anyone else does it. Maybe its some kind of OCD thing ye know.
    • Urban Spaceman
      Who is Miss Spelling? Was she your English teacher? Lol :)
  • I'm in favor of complex language and complex thought. Misspelling deludes conversation and makes understanding difficult. We are evolved enough to speak intelligently and shares thoughts and ideas. I'm not against the occasional, accidental misspelling, but to misspell because you are too lazy to ask why there is a little red line under your words is unforgivable.
  • How do you know they are freaking out? Because they use an exclamation mark and question mark together or keep correcting you? Now how would you know when an uneducated person is on the internet? I would guess the horrible misspelling...There's nothing wrong with misspellings, but when you type things like "I iz thurteen" it becomes extremely annoying. There's nothing wrong with trying to educate someone. If my kid was writing his English papers like that, I would be very disappointed.
  • I guess that's how people on hte internets are
  • I sort of expect there to be misspellings and grammatical errors, but for a number of different reasons (often more than one): 1) They don't know the correct way. 2) They are lazy and don't bother proof-reading what they have written. 3) They speak English as a second language 4) They are dyslexic or have some similar brain wiring situation that makes it very difficult from them to spell correctly. I think the above is the rough order what's most common. I find often that misspelling and ignorance in the subject they are talking about go hand-in-hand, but sometimes not. For example, I recently read an answer in the physics category where I could tell the guy really knows what he's talking about, but his spelling was extremely bad. And by the way, "internets" is actually a technically correct term, but Bush didn't use it in the correct context ;-)
  • they are teachers in real life....
  • A lot of people look at their fingers when they type, Not what they are typing. Many typo's or misspelled words go unoticed. I just let it go unless its really funny. Some people just have to comment on everything. It makes them feel superior. I'd bet my left nut they wouldnt have the nerve to say it to your face but they feel safe here.
    • Urban Spaceman
      That's another thing. Why do people insert apostrophes where they don't belong? I can't think of a more fiddlesome and time-wasting way to troll than that.
    • Linda Joy
      I seriously doubt you'd ever bet your left nut! And if you're betting I won't say it to your face you'll lose it. I will say anything I post to your face.
  • Because they think English is the only languange spoken on this earth surface ? I might be wrong... LOL
  • eye dunt noe waii this iz. Eye dunt lik to sea itt, butt eye dunt freke out abowt itt!
  • Hwat are you do now ?. I is tiping my asnwer fro tihs qusetion.
  • I don't freak out; it just annoys me.
  • Bcause thy lead sad, sad, livez.
  • Because they get off putting someone else down. Welcome to AB!!!!!!!!
  • Stoopidity I thinc. hahahah ;] who knows
  • Oh noes! They am prolly goes nuts for grammers too. :(
  • At times, inadvertently, the outcome of the word looks funny. But I wouldn't freak out. I seep out the meaning of what is said out of the typos, if there are any. In AB, what's important for me is the significance of the question or answer at hand.
  • Because this is a written medium, and anything that makes the reading process more difficult is really annoying, especially when spellcheckers make correct spelling so easy.
  • Depending on the kind and the frequency of misspellings, they can make communication extremely difficult. If you are not understandable, some people will consider your submissions just as an annoyance. Depending on their level of tolerance, they could have various reactions up to freaking out. Some freak out, some are just annoyed, some just stop reading, and some ignore misspellings. It depends also of the quantity of misspellings and if the text keeps being easily understandable in spite of them. What is for some people misspellings, could also be a particular dialect or jargon. If you are used to that dialect or jargon, it won't bother you. Those who freak out over misspelling seem not yet to have understood that it is no more necessary to have a good spelling to use a computer and the internet. And that normal internet forums do not request their users to pass a spelling test or to present a proof of basic education before they begin to post.
  • Internets? There is more than one? (that's not a's plural)
  • my guess is translator error
  • Aaaaaargh! A misspelling in a question about misspellings! I freak out!!!! (because I did not see it as I answered this question...)
    • Urban Spaceman
      That question has been deleted.
  • The order of typing errors。
  • Grammar Nazis take pleasure in correcting any punctuation or spelling errors they find in a post.
  • There are spell checkers and grammar checkers but people are too lazy to use them.
  • I don’t freak out over misspellings on the internet but I think some people who don’t know how to spell properly should use the automatic dictionary on their phone. People who use a computer and misspell words should learn about the English language and learn how to spell correctly if they want their words to be properly understood.
  • I sure wish I nu.
  • Because they are not very nice. They are offensive to many people.
  • People are too lazy to use their spell checker.

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