• I am prescribed medication...
  • Let them out, accept them and know its natural to feel.
  • I vent unpleasant emotions. If I hold them in, they eat away at me.
  • I ignore them until they go away. When that fails, there's always controlled substances and self-injury. It's not exactly "coming to terms", but such an act is for suckers anyway.
  • The good emotions, I just enjoy them; the bad emotions, I talk them out.
  • Name them. Recognize them. Understand why you're feeling them. Share them (sensibly & responsibly). Use them to either prepare for, react to, or learn from events.
  • I am blessed with not having any that will not die under the intense glare of self examination and internal truthfulness. So those I don't like, I kill. In their death, they teach me a great deal, so they are gone but not forgotten
  • I've always had problems with being, what my therapist called, a human pressure cooker. I bottle everything up until there is so much inside me that I just explode. I had to slowly teach myself to let my emotion out and stop being ashamed of feeling, which is when I started writing. I found that if I put a pen and paper in my hand it would all flow out of me so easily and it really helped. Seeing my feelings on paper, in the form of a poem or song, allowed me to better understand the ins and outs of why. Why I felt that way, why it was ok, why I needed to let it out... Now it is much easier for me. I don't write much anymore but I have found a few people that I can comfortably share my feelings with. Don't get me wrong, I still have my pressure cooker moments, but they are not nearly as bad as they used to be. Hope this made sense and answered the question! :)
  • I suppose I suppress them most of the time.
  • I remain ever still inside
  • can't say as I have yet.
  • Shove them into a box deep in the back of my mind and lock it :)
  • too often. i've been trying to numb them.
  • I shake myself out of it and remember that I have none.
  • let it all out, but only when there's nobody around
  • I've learned to give myself two big things (the same things I give to others as a given, but had to learn to do for myelf): TIME and PERMISSION TO FEEL THEM. No matter if good, bad or indifferent, it takes time to really know what the heck we're really feeling. So taking time is key. It also allows me to engage the "rest of me" WITH those emotions .. an important step. The other is that permission to feel them. Anything buried will only come up again later and likely in not so pretty ways. So again .. no matter if good, bad or indifferent .. it's key to say YES and "feel them". That combo of feeling feelings .. and taking time .. leads me to a more natural way of working through them. I'm only in trouble if I bury them or go too quickly. Not saying to dwell in them forever either, mind you. But if sufficient time is taken and emotions are accepted vs fought .. then .. I can naturally bring in my mind, my memories, my experiences, whatever I've learned so far in life .. to help make sense of what those emotions are telling me. And thus .. come to terms .. whatever those might be.
  • Sometimes I don't, but I try not to let my emotions get to the point where I have to come to terms with them. The practice of self control for me can be challenging but sure removes a lot of internal drama!

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