• It is not a good idea to mix tires. You are thinking about traction to start. You also need traction to stop and to go around corners. If you have more traction on the front of your vehicle the back the vehicle will be unstable when stopping or turning. Imagine you are going around a right hand corner and your new snow tires on the front are doing a great job giving you more traction. Suddenly the new tires are giving you more traction than the old tires on the rear can. At this point the back of the car decides it no longer wants to go around the corner and goes straight instead. This causes you to spin out and cross the center line of the road. Best case you go "Poof" into the snow on the other side of the road. Worse case there is a semi coming the other way.....
  • Yes you do, just having more grip on the wheels is ignoring the function of the other wheels who don't just hold up their end of the car.

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