• Mine does this too and its bugging the heck outta me and im not sure what to do, does anybody have any ideas?
  • That's just normal. Everyone's PS2 does that. You totally have nothing to worry about.
  • Mine does this sometimes when opening, but mostly in the middle of a game that I'm playing, the thing starts going crazy with weird grinding sounds. Then my game will freeze...once i got really annoyed and i pounded the top of the ps2 where the disc trey is, then it started working...soo... i just pound the thing, but i dont think that is the best idea...
  • Do not use that PS2 if the grinding sounds occur during gameplay. I did, it ruined my game by scratching it all up. So just buy a new I will....Sony better improve these disc trays!!!!!!
  • That isn't normal, so i suggest you get it to a repair shop. But if nothing in or on your PS2 gets damaged, it's probably because of the rotating gears inside pushing the tray in and out.
  • My Playstation started to make the grinding noise after few years of heavy usage. Below are my symptoms. If you have the same experience, take a look and see how I fixed it. If it is still under warranty, send it back and get a replacement or have it fix by a qualified technician. - Grinding noise occurs when you first turn on the PS2, and open the tray. - Eventually, the noise will get worst and then it will get stuck on "Reading disc...". You will hear a nasty repeating "grind, grind.... grind, grind" noise and nothing happens. Problem: It is hard to describe without a picture, but I will try my best. The grinding noise comes from the gear that moves the laser housing back-and-forth. It fell off the track and when the shaft motor spins, the teeth on the shaft will grind on the plastic gear. Depending on how bad the damaged plastic gear is, your PS2 may still have some life left. Resolution: DISCLAIMER: This process will void any warranty you might have. So again, do not proceed if your console is still under warranty. Take it back to place of purchase for a replacement or proper repair. Also, don't do this if you cannot take responsibilities for your own actions. It can break your PS2 permenantly if not done right and carefully. Don't look for people to blame if that happens. Besides, good excuse to buy the new slim design with the integrated Ethernet card. First, take the PS2 apart (yes, remove the warranty seal and be extremely careful with the cable ribbon when you lift the cover off). If you never done this before, google and find instructions first. There are few good ones out there. I just don't wanna hot link their sites. Remove the CD cover. Open the tray and disconnect all power source. If the front of the console is facing you. You will see a motor and a metal "treaded" shaft to the right of the laser assembly. There is a plastic part that connects the laser assembly to the shaft. This is your problem! Putting the plastic gear back on the shaft probably only fix it temporarily. For whatever reason it fell out, it probably will do it again. So, I perform the following step and it seems to be holding up. Now is a good time to read the disclamer again. Don't blame anyone if you screw up your PS2 permenantly! There is a tiny screw on the upper left corner of the laser assembly. This screw controls how "tightly" the laser assembly sits on the left track. Turn this screw clockwise will tighten the clearance between the laser assembly and the track. Turn the screw counter clockwise will loosen it so it moves more freely on the track. You can adjust this screw to ensure a "good grip" between the plastic gear and the shaft. BE CAREFUL not to set it too tight, you will break your PS2 if it is too tight. when you are done adjusting, you should be able to move the laser assembly back and forth by hand (holding the left and right ends with very gentle force). But, don't make it too loose either. It should slide with a "tad" of resistance. The key is to make sure the plastic gear has a good grip on the shaft by adjusting the height of the laser assembly. This is optional but I took this opportunity to lubricate the shaft and the tracks with some silicon based lubricant. DO NOT spray directly into the DVD assembly. Spray the lubricant on a Q-tip and wipe it on the shaft and the 2 tracks that the laser assembly is sitting on. Put the cover back on and test it with a DVD movie, a DVD based game and a CD based game. The DVD movie and CD based game is the true test because most will require the laser assembly move back and forth at high speed to locate the data. Go to the movie title screen, move around the scenes, play some special features. Well, if the grinding noise is gone. You are done. Good luck.
  • Yeah I have had that happen a ton. I have a temporary solution but it doesnt always work. I just pound the heck out of mine with the disc NOT in the machine. I left the disc in the machine once and something inside the machine must have moved around while I was hitting it, and scratched the disc really bad. It can take some serious hitting so I warn you. I have unfortunately been doing this for about six months now and I think it is finally taking a toll on the PS2. so that is a temporary solution but i reccomend getting it cleaned and re-aligned and stuff. the laser reader may just be off a bit.

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