• it was a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the road cause we rotate odd/even days and it was for $25
  • It was for an expired license and it was $130! It was for speeding and it was $160.
  • $1 IL tollway fine.
  • 100 for speeding and 15 tacked on to pay for the crossing guards. Hope they choke on it. Not the crossing guards, the city.
  • Indecent exposure. $330. Apparently, it was another $100 because I did it near a middle school or some shit. Freakin fascists. =P J/K
  • Speeding: $124
  • Which one? Was it speeding, tailgating, cutting in-and-out of traffic, doing rolling stops or parking in a No Parking zone? Oh..maybe it was the one for throwing trash out the window..or the one for not buckling up? I know..the one for using the diamond lane which requires two people in the car when it was just me. Ya see, I am an equal opportunity lawbreaker! Happy Tuesday! :)
  • Speeding, started out as $125.00 fine, but I was BROKE. I Missed my court date for it, which costs a couple hundred extra dollars in court fees (which I couldn't pay either). Then, the State of Colorado revoked my liscense as a result of my negligence, to reinstate that was about $45.00 in addition to all other fees which had to be paid first. By that time it ended up costing several hundred dollars. :( I have been paying any fines promptly ever since but I have not slowed down much.
  • It was $25 for public nudity....Sorry
  • 55 in a 35 MPH zone. (I was doing at least 65.) $128.00.
  • For me it would be for contempt of court..funny thing about court..they want you to tell the truth, but then they tell you to stop talking..I can't do the stop talking thing very easily..last round was around 900 before it was over with :) LOL
  • For turning onto a closed road. It was $75, I believe.
  • It was fine for the entree but something lighter would have been better with the appetizer. Cost $50.

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