• Well..a little of everything..gotta be at the shelter around 4..5 am at the with getting the food ready then change into my santa's helper gd awful outfit and pass out toys..LOL :)
  • Emptying my plate.
  • My job? You mean besides planner, purchaser, preparer, cook, server, and cleaner? The question is, what job don't I do in preparing Christmas dinner....?
  • The main dish, the eggs, the desserts, the snacks and cookies/candies, some of the drinks, hosting, cleaning up before and after.
  • The turkey
  • Well I know it will not be cooking a Turkey or Ham..I just went vegetarian last week:):) The Baxter's are a little pissed about it:):) So I am bringing veggies and dip:):):)
  • Slow roasting the prime rib to absolute medium rare perfection. Making sure there is enough "au jus" to go around. And putting out enough appetizers to keep everyone happy until dinner is served!
  • Turning up with some booze.
  • The whole shabang! I do it all while everyone else sits on their derrieres.
  • Taste tester
  • i wont be around to cook dinner or even help, im working christmas day
  • I have bought some of the ingredients. It's my mom who would prepare everything else.
  • Typically, my Mom refuses to let me help with anything, cooking-wise. Not because I'd mess it up, but because she would rather I just relax and enjoy the holiday. I also think, although she'd never admit it, that she loves cooking so much that she wants to keep the enjoyment of doing so all to herself. So, usually, I just end up setting the table, clearing/rinsing the dishes after dinner, making coffee and tea, that sort of thing. This year we're having lobster, which my Mom doesn't know how to prepare. So I will have a good deal of the responsibility in the dinner-making process. :)
  • Everything. No help but that's okay. I work well under stress. :)
  • Drink lots of beer and pray for the second coming. . . . . .
  • Mine comes on the 24th with my Husbands side of the family. On the 23rd in the evening I bake a few side dishes and place them in the refrigerator so I can heat them up later at my Mother-In-Laws house the day of the festivities. I wake up at 6:00 AM on the 24th and start rubbing a 20 lb Prime Rib roast with seasonings. I then place it in my preheated convection wall oven with the meat probe and let it roast for 5 and a half to 6 hrs. and then take it out to cool down enough to be able to place it in my vehicle for travel. Gather up all of the pre-wrapped Christmas presents and batteries for toys and load them in my truck. I lovingly wake up my 3 men of the house to get them in the showers at 8:30 AM to get ready to leave at 1:45 PM to travel 40 minutes away to my In Laws home. As soon as we get there I un-load my truck and place the food in ovens for reheating because we will eat around 3:00 PM even though half of our family will be late and will not get there an hour or 2 late and I get to smile about it because it's always the same 3 people every year. Now during this time I will have to help a few of my family members wrap presents because they just didn't have the time to wrap the presents themselves. I think I will sneak out this year and visit a few friends so I can give myself a break on doing other peoples Xmas wrapping(it gets old after a few years you know). After dinner is when all the fun starts. I get to watch all the small children open Christmas presents :)
  • everything. Our kitchen is so small that you can really only fot one person in there otherwise you bash into each other and get in each others way. So I will be cooking the whole meal. It is only the second time I have done it and i am really looking forward to it. I felt a great sense of acheivement when I dished it up last year and all of the plates came back completely empty
  • I shall do all the dinner preparations.
  • I do everything for most holiday dinners.
  • Buying groceries, cooking, serving dinner, desserts and washing dishes.
  • I think about whether or not I want to go to the trouble to do such a thing, and then I either do it or not do it.

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