• a big huge bathroom i can play football in. lol.
  • It would be my room with my big cerwin vegas and nice stereo system .Would have all my gaming,porn,music in the room, and i think it would be a dark blue colored room.Pretty much it would be hooked
  • An outdoor bathroom...
  • enough spaces to put all the things i want in my room :p like a huge bed, audio & video system, a walk in closet and a nice bathroom, i dont want a girly color so maybe il go for blue or gray with sum personalised paintings on the wall as my wallpaper :p
  • I would have this room, which would be multi-purpose, located at the rear of the house. There would be a large walk-out patio adjacent to it accessed by a custom sized patio door. The window would overlook the Pacific coast shore between Santa Cruz and Monterey, California off Highway 1. The interior walls of this room would be designed to resemble the shoji screens used in classical Japanese design. The ceiling would reflect that style with rough-hewn timber as support and visual variety. 1/3rd of the floor would be covered in traditional tatami mats The remaining two-thirds would be in a dark marble. Behind one of the shoji screens would be a recessed multi-media center/play area. Behind another shoji screen would be the recessed, fully equipped sound studio that could be used to utilize the outdoor ambient sounds of the ocean and/or to do professional sound recording of a small music group, band and/or vocalists. Behind another shoji screen would be a traditional Tibetan Buddhist shrine complete with all the deities and implements for complete practice of ceremonies. Behind another shoji would be a large display area for my collections and hobbies. At one end of the room would be the entrance/exit to the room with access to stairs and an elevator to take me to the seashore. Furnishings would be simple and very modern in design...with the abilities to combine with each other for flexible duty for either small groupings of friends or seating for a large party....these furnishings would also be retractable into the walls and floor. Lighting would be indirect from around the perimeter of the ceiling and from behind the shoji screens, this could be controlled with a portable, wireless remote control. That control would also control the screens that would cover the various work areas and the patio door. Then I would be comfortable.
  • I would have a very large room with concrete walls and floor where I would maintain a large collection of china for the sole purpose of smashing it. I've always wanted a room like that!
  • I would have a room which the walls were made of neverending, nevermelting, soft creamy ice cream. But thats my own dream huse!:)
  • A bathroom with a huge whirlpool tub in the floor that had stairs down into it. Lots of mirrors and tile and a stereo system and candles and an incredibly gorgeous towel boy! ;) *grin*
  • A large bathroom with lots of wood(smooth and rough), huge ceiling window(s) for sunlight, moon light and viewing stars from the sunken tub; so many plants until it feels like you might be in a rain forest. One area would be a steam room. The hose would be located in the mountains.
  • Wow my dream room would have to be the bathroom where it pretty much looks like a tropical rainforest. The shower would have a faucet that came down like a waterfall, and all of the walls around would look like there were waterfalls streaming down from them and they would have fiber optic lights underneath so they look like they're changing colors. There would be all granite and marble everywhere, wow and I spend a lot of time in the bathroom now, after that I don't think I would ever leave it.
  • a library, small, cozy, overstuffed chairs, fireplace, comfort, music and soundproof walls
  • My dream house would be modeled after a house of some friends I visited in the Los Angeles area back in the 1980s. Their house was rectangular with a rectangular courtyard in the middle. Most rooms had a set of sliders opening into the courtyard. Within the courtyard, they had a garden and a Koi pond. There was also a seating area that was shaded by a mature orange tree. Being in a colder area (New England), I would have a greenhouse roof over the courtyard so I could enjoy it year round. I have already designed the layout of the courtyard room, including hardscape, pond, fountain and plantings. I would have some well-hidden speakers so I could listen to Vivaldi in the morning while having my coffee beside the Koi pond.
  • My dream house has no walls It is one large room
  • That's tricky, because my dream house would only have one room, as such. A large oval space with a slightly domed roof, the central area would be the communal one, with 'rooms' placed around the outside. The 'walls' of these 'rooms' would be opaque screens that could be moved if required. The flooring would be proper varnished wooden boards, and the heating would be underfloor. The only little exception to this, because my dreamhouse would have many other mod cons, would be under the cooker in my kitchen area, where there would be a trapdoor to a basement level, hermetically sealable from the outside, in case of things going sour where I lived. I would rig it so the cooker could be slid back into place by a clever device, the switch for which was in the basement. Natural light would be acheived from the roof, which would alternate window space and solar power cells. Outside the house would be a covered walkway running the entire circle of the house, with tables and chairs placed at intervals.
  • my dream room is the bathroom. with marble floors in a cream or beige, with gold veining. but that’s irrelevant, the show stopper would be the shower, which is built almost like a recessed stage. Circular and surrounded by wafting shower curtains with the same flexibility of those little bed tent things girls hang over their beds- mosquito netting. anyway, it’s recessed into the floor and circular and the wall opposite where you step down is a window. the entire wall is a window which over looks the city. of course the shower curtain can be drawn to cover this window at night but during the day it’s open and it’s BEAUTIFUL. there are strategically placed shower heads overhead in the ceiling. the huge domed gold kind that make it rain like a rain forest. the whole “room” (shower) is heated almost like a sauna. but its not a room because the only thing that separates it from the rest of the bathroom is the shower curtain. like most showers. anyway, very hard to explain but very beautiful to imagine.
  • It would have a mattress floor. Not like a padded crazy person room....okay well kinda like that. But a soft mattress floor and no shoes allowed. Just throw in chenille pillows and feather comforters and I would love to have a flat screen on the wall with an awesome surround sound. Dark purple purple walls, and Nag Champa incense burning 23/6. (24/7 seemed a lil like overkill.) It would be called my "RELAXATION ROOM"....delightful indeed
  • i would have a smoking room. and as a perk you must dress for the occasion, and drink coffee or a nice bottle of vintage red wine or Cognac. the theme would be black and red. black velvet antique sofa's, dark wood, and there would be hard wood floors covered by antique rugs. yeah, i think that's it.
  • It would be a library. The room would be cylindrical, three stories tall with the bookshelves built into the walls and a spriral walk going all the way up to the ceiling. There would be windows after every 10 feet of bookselves. They would be narrow and tall (15"x30") The wood for the railing and the floor would be a dark mahogany. There would be a carpet runner going all the way up the walk. The exit from the room would be stained glass french doors that lead into an enclosed garden with a slate patio and a tent cabana and several adirondak chairs for lazing around with a book. The entry into the room would have built in desks for the computers. The middle of the room would have large overstuffed leather furniture in hunter green. There would be a gas fireplace in the corner to ward off the cold.

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