• No, yo..
  • I did not know that anyone new when the exact day of His birth was. I can think of no better time to release that film.
  • Considering it wasn't ACTUALLY Christ's birthday... Nah. :) Actually, I know a lot of people go to the movies on Christmas. I never understood it- I'd rather stay home. (But I plan on seeing that movie shortly after!)
  • If I were a Christian and if December 25 were really the birthday of Jesus Christ, then maybe, but as I'm an atheist and there is no accurate historical record to say that this was actually his birthday, then no.
  • Good point, think I'll go to see Marley & Me instead.
  • um no because Hitler was against jewish and jewish dont believe in jesus
  • Christmas day is national "Jews go to the movies" day, seeing that most everything else is closed. I don't know that they were necessarily trying to take advantage of that, but it is a thought.
  • It does not matter to me the celebration of my birthdate. It seems more worthwhile to celebrate a deed well done and passed on to others. Celebrating the fact that a good deed doer came among us is great, the date picked seems unimportant.
  • Kinda, yeah. But that's Hollywood...'n they're not all that big on Jesus (except for the bucks, of course).
  • No, on the contrary. Since Hitler was a X-ian and is, no doubt, in heaven with your lord right now, there's nothing more fitting than to release the movie on a day that has absolutely nothing to do with the X-ian religion
  • Nah! I think it was a great idea :)
  • ummm, i think that his actual birthdate was not known at the time, so, some roman caesar chose december 25th as the date, compromising with a gaggle of kook worshippers whose goddesses birthdate was december 25th. astronomological studies suggest that the "star" most brilliantly appeared in the skies on june 12th of 2 AD. go figure!!! commercialism in america seems, today, to trump religiosity or spirituality. weird! the release of all of those movies on the celebration of christ's birth seems bizarre to me. everyone ought to stay home, open presents, love the people around them, and wait to see silly movies another day.
  • Even if it were his birthday what would make it wrong? The two events are completely unrelated.
  • Yea it seems rather ironic, but thats Hollywood for ya. Mostly since Jesus was a Jew. And everyone knows (responding to other comments) that that is not Jesus TRUE BIRTHDAY. but that is the date that has been chosen to CELEBRATE his birthday. :-D And its a holiday to celebrate Good Will to Everyone..(at least suppose to be)
  • Were you present at the birth of Jesus? No? Then you can not say that he was born on December 25th. It's just a cover up you know.... the heretics tossed us all a bone so we'd forget to celebrate the solstice. Now, go dance around a bonfire.
  • Christmas night is a big night to go to the movies for some people, it seems. I have been to one the last 4 Christmases or so, and they're always pretty packed. It's probably the movie's best chance to make a few bucks.
  • No, it doesn't seem wrong. Nor does it seem right. It's a movie release nothing more.
  • I will say this, it seems like its just a tactic to produce more publicity for the movie so more people will go see it. This is definitely done in poor taste, but hey, Its Hollywood, Yo. :P

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