• It is hard to tell. It sounds like quite an old Russian surname.
  • To me it looks like given the way it's spelled. Khodorovsky: Lets break that down by Russian etymology. Ov is added to the end of the father's first name to make a family name. So Khodorov indicates that the Russian in question when first making his family had a first name begining with the letters Khodor. Sky is added to the end of the name to denote that they are from Western Russia and probably had some Polish influence at one time in their family. So that said the origin of the name is a Father to a family in Western Russia was named Khodor, and thus is children where the Khodorovsky's litteraly translated as belonging to Khodor. As for what Khodor means translation wise into the origin of the name I'm unsure. The only references I'm seeing is it's a City so perhaps he was named after the City. Hope that helps.

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