• Since Reagan was president
  • Since they were made illegal. There was a time when taking drugs wasn't against the law. Then governments decided drug taking was bad for you, so pretty much since then.
  • The War on Drugs was instituted by Nancy Reagan, I believe. That would have been the mid-to-late 80s.
  • Since there were drugs.
  • Well where? In the US the war on drugs Started really during prohibtion. Thats when the nations morality seemed to come into question. Opium dens in New Orleans and many speakeasies throughout the nations were targets of not only bans on alcohol but drugs as well. I'm mean an American classic Coca Cola was orginally marketed as a cure-all due to the cocaine that was added into the mixture.
  • It was announced by Richard Nixon in 1971, it began in President Reagan's term in office around 1980. This war on drugs began in the Central Andes with the destruction not only of the Coca leaves but also of all native crops and the poisoning of many natives as a poisonous fungi was shed from light aircrafts over all that was green. This initial procedure was quite harmful to the rain forests in the Amazon Jungle, around 1987 the procedure was stopped and the local governments assumed the responsibility to eradicate the labs were cocaine was being made and to substitute crops. There has been great success in Peru and Ecuador but unfortunately not in Bolivia and still battling in Colombia. By then the war was extended to heroin but it was taken over by other sympathetic drugs being the actual one Methamphetamine. Thus in all I would say it is taking 28 years to date. Bye.
  • It actually began in New York City in the early 1950's in New York City with an epidemic of heroin usage. A form of the DEA was formed then, done away with and formed again under President Reagan. However, "Just say no", didn't work. (Famous words of Nancy Reagan). Evidently no one listened to her.
  • Forever, since the creation of drugs. The useless "war on drugs" was created by the international elite to manipulate societies with their "fantasy war" propaganda of wins. A method of eugenics to societies. Governments are pure puppets in the fantasy war. My 2 cents.
  • Too long and has done more harm than good

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