• A belief that Jesus was the son of God.
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  • the main difference may be the way they believe in god but there is no a lot difference jesus was jewish
  • jews believe jesus was just a guy.... i mean.. they had him crusified.
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  • In theory the primary difference is that Christians believe the messiah came in the form of jesus and that the messiah was something more than the jews claimed he would be. The jews did not have any concept of a messiah who was god himself. the pagan elements of Christianity extend those differences much farther than the aforementioned one. Judaism is monotheistic. The jewish concept of the trinity makes christianity polytheistic to everyone else but christians. Although the base of christianity is stolen from Judaism, much of what was added is completely incompatible with Judaism. Christianity selectively breaks much of the old jewish laws. The dietary laws are a primary example.
  • Depends in what context. Jews tend to have more in common with Muslims than either have with Christians. Mainly as Muslims and Jews are both strict monotheists, where some Christians believe in a Trinity. Also Muslims and Jews have suffered more at the hands of Christians throughout the ages than vice versa.
  • i think one believes in jesus and one dont
  • Jesus was born INTO Jewry...And had been SENT to us to tell all the people of the world of a new system of things.....the Kingdom... His teachings were the foundation of Christianity...those who followed this no longer stuck to the traditions of Jewry...It had served its purpose...1500 years of training people to worship THROUGH sacrifice...Jesus' sacrifice put an end to animal sacrifices...Those who continued the traditions of Jewry were from then on NOT being obedient... (Mark 9:7) And a cloud formed, overshadowing them, and a voice came out of the cloud:

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