• Constructively I hope.
  • poorly. but i'm open to glowing praise.
  • I don't have a problem with criticism as long as it's understood that I'm the one who will determine if it is constructive or not.
  • Usually it hurts a bit, then I decide that it was helpful and follow it. I can't seem to stop the bad feeling part right at the start though, I hope to learn to just take the criticism on board with no hard feelings in the future.
  • As long as it's not rude, I take it, think about it, and see what can be done to see if I can make things better.
  • Constructive criticism? Hey!, that's the best kind.
  • I pout, become defensive, pick on the other person's faults...try to blame everyone else for the issue....I am not good at handling it at all :(
  • I handle it pretty well as long as its constructive an not someone just bashing me. Criticsm allows me to evaluate and overcome and sometimes perfect.
  • Go on a long walk and do some SELF-ANALYSIS. There is always room for self-improvement.
  • You have to handle it well or you will never make it through the college of business. I had a business prof write on one of my papers "This is bullshit and you know it."
  • i usually look like i appreciate it, but really it steams me when people criticize.
  • If it's constructive, that's fine, but sometimes people think it's constructive when it really isn't.
  • i struggle to appreciate it. but critics are no fun.
  • Badly. I usually get mad and 'snarl' at whoever is giving it. But then I go away and think about it, and try to change if I think they might be right. "Tactful" people usually upset me the most, because they are trying to be kind and still manage to make the worst observations about me. Most criticism, constructive or not, hurts alot.
  • I listen very carefully, considering objectively from all angles, weighing the pros and cons of their argument using a government approved scale of 18 criticism validity factors. Then I locate the roundest baseball-sized rock I can find, hunt down my critic's car, and wind up and launch the nastiest 92-MPH fastball I can muster, daring the windshield to swing for the fences. I find this approach helps to clear my head of any remaining negative energy from the criticism -- it helps balance and calm the mind.
  • I handle it pretty well. I know I'm not perfect. But it does get annoying when someone brow beats the heck out of you though.I don't mind constructive criticism,but can't stand for it to be rubbed in my face. There is a right way to give constructive criticism.
  • By saying, "Uh huh...uh huh...right...okay...yep! Ya finished? Good!" BAM!!! Right uppercut to the jaw!! They go down! I'm standing over them shouting, " So, y'got anything else to contructively criticize about me huh? PUNK!! HUH??" Most people don't......peace returns to our quiet corner of the universe.
  • Like a man
  • I ALWAYS change it into positive critism
  • well my initial reaction will of course "what?!?" but after sum minutes.. il do these : 1st, accept in mind that once you post or reply in any topic in a forum is that "you can not please everybody" 2nd, before you'll reply to your critic's response, take deep breath and read carefully to analyze and understand what at that moment he has in his mind, so you won't be an idiot, writing your temper down. 3rd, smile and just think you know better than him and its just that he didnt understand well what you have written about :p or try harder next time cause there is always a room for improvement.. anyway critics help you improve what you are bad in sumhow.. :)
  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well If Some says Yeah Its Crap Do Better then ur not gonna be ok with it. usally the wanting to punch or break them in someway follows the intial anger then u may calm down to relise either 1 of 2 things 1. its ok there the boss and if its not good enough for him then its not good enough for the client etc u get my drift. 2. Your Boss dosnt like you therefor hes just being a dick i suggest getting a new job and crappin on his brand new BMW windscreen Smiles All round people
  • If is is truly constructive, I think I handle it ok. I try to do all that I can to be ther best person I can be. If it is an insult desguised as constructive criticism, I tend to shut down and tune out.
  • I've found that criticism is rarely constructive, although it is often called constructive by those seeking to give it in an attempt to make it more palatable. Individuals who seek to help others don't do it in the name of criticism, they provide instruction, share personal experiences and lessons learned, and some instructors use confrontation as a manner of bringing awareness to a student. But no one likes being criticized or degraded, and least of all from from someone who they were hoping would be pleased, or who they were simply asking to be an audience to practice on. Many people do not know when their role is not to be the critic, and do not realize the damage they cause to others, feeling they are free to offer their opinion to anyone at any time, as long as they refer to it as "constructive criticism", regardless of how unqualified they are. Having said all that, I will say that when I am offered some insight or perspective which can assist my performance from someone who is qualified to provide that information, I am quite appreciative and take the advice to heart.
  • im a reflective thinker, at first i may feel hurt and then angry, but after a while i will take on board whats been said ha

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