• The tern "Folk Guitar" has different meanings to different people, but it is usually used to describe the steel string acoustic guitars that are smaller that the dreadnaught size (the most popular size) and larger that the "parlor" (small) guitar. The folk guitar category would include the 00 and the 000/OM modles, and probably even the smaller 0 size. (I've seen some folk singers use the Martin 0-16NY). Probably the reason for this tern is that a lot of folksingers, particularly female, either had dainty voices or else talked a lot through their songs. The standard dreadnaught size guitar would be too loud and would drown out their singing. The softer 00 and 000 guitars blended better with the vocals, and also had a nice "tight" sound when fingerpicked, as a lot of folk singers do. I've seen some people refer to the nylon string guitar as a folk guitar, but I'd have to disagree with this association. The nylon string is a classical guitar, even though some folk singers use it to accompany their singing.

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