• Yes. More and more young moms are deciding to keep their babies. There is not the social stigma there once was to being a teen mom. In our area there is even a special high school with daycare available so you can continue your education.
  • Yes. Raising your child is probably the very best option. Abortion and adoption can both have long term, devastating consequences. If keeping your baby does not seem like an viable option to you, please reconsider. While this may be a difficult time for you, there is hope. These days, there are many resources available and there are people who care about your situation. You do not have to get through this alone. Please talk with someone you trust... a minister, a school counselor, the parent of a friend if your parents are unapproachable. Do it soon. The sheer stress of your current situation is hard on both you and your unborn child.
  • i assume you mean options other than raising the child yourself? there is open adoption which can have many variations ranging from you send the kid letters and pictures and they know who you are all their life to you actually knowing the child as they grow up as a family friend, aunt so and so or even as their birth mother.
  • you could keep the child yourself, but you need to have a strong support net around you to ensure that the child does not suffer economically and receives input from male role models as well as females. Talk it out with a counsellor to see what is best for you and the child.
  • Open adoption could be an option. Before you do anything find someone you trust and can talk to. There are so many places you can find the guidance you’re looking for.
  • yeah the one i would make keep it love it raise it take good care of it love and respect it
  • Yes, the other options are spontaneous abortion (commonly known as miscarriage) and raising the child yourself.
    • Mircat
      Spontaneous abortion is not a choice. Thats one mother nature decides about
  • The options are: *Abortion *Adoption *Keeping the child for 5 years then sending it to boarding school and psychological abandonment. Why?

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