• They are pronunciation keys, and you have to know how to read them to like, read them lol... People who have a lot of education on the English language, those people who study the theory of it, would know how to use them. The rest of us just make it up lol.
  • The 1st few pages of every dictionary ever printed includes the interpretations of these symbols. ;-)
  • And here it is:
  • Well, written phoenetically, what that says is "Ayeeee-eehtno-AAye-shit-AYE-ayecee aye!!!! may-zero percent-pounds-squiggle -AYE!!!" and so on... Does that help? *blink* WAIT!! PHONICS MONKEY!!! That's what you need. yea. .......Um, it doesn't always work though, but let's try ......

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