• there is no specific radiation that comes from computer or laptops in general you have to evaluate them on a per machine basis, some reasons for this are 1. all laptops/PCs have different levels of shielding inside, some are well shielded and some arent 2. not all laptops/PCs contain the same hardware, for example a laptop containing WIFI and Bluetooth would emit more radiation(2400MHZ band is emited by these devices) than a laptop/PC that does not contain this hardware 3. the build quality of the laptop/PC also effects radiation output, well built+quality components=lower radiation poorly built+low quality components= more radiation 4. some devices are marketed as "lower radiation" which speaks for its self also newer technology is available such as mobile broadband which uses mobile phone technology(800-2400MHZ) which will increase radiation output further most radiation emitted(but not all) is between 800-2500MHZ which is in the microwave band
  • have no idea but i dont worry about radiation

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