• You're smart....they are evil little things......
  • I used to be really nervous around babies..even when I had my son I was scared to hold him because I was afraid he would "break" or I would hold him wrong and hurt him. That's pretty normal actually. As for kids, I am not sure the reasoning for that unless you think you will play with them too roughly and hurt them. Kids are tough little kids and it takes a lot to hurt them if you are wrestling or whatever.. most of the time they don't even know they are hurt until you tell them. My son got hurt one time and never even knew it until I said "where did you get that scrape".. and then he was like "ouch" . Kids are resilient.. so I understand totally.
  • omg yes..iam nervous and scared to be around small children and babies. i dont know why. they make me feel very uncomfortable. iam an adult and shouldnt be but thats the way it strange is that? i dont think anyone in my family's scared of them only me. i dont know how i picked up this character trait
  • Yes, I'm nervous around them. I hate those little things with a passion.
  • they might be just as scared of you since youre bigger than they are

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