• If your comparing Rock Band to Guitar Hero World Tour. For a group of friends I recommend Rock Band. Here are some reasons. 1. In rock band one member of the band can fail and the game still plays offering a chance to another player to use the Overdrive( Equivalent to Star Power in Guitar Hero) and save the failed member. 1.1 In GHWT if one member fails the whole band fails. 2. Rockband has new songs to download for microsoft points every Tuesday. 2.2 GHWT does not do weekly releases for new songs. but if you are just comparing the guitar playing parts then i recommend guitar hero because the Hammer-ons and pull-offs are way easier. I own RB2 it is great for a group of friends but if you are gonna be by yourself most of the time i would get guitar hero. lol thats all i have for now.
  • i like guitar hero way better rockband is stupid
  • Guitar Hero. The guitar parts in rock band are way too easy, and guitar is the most interesting thing to play. But I can see that people like rockband, it's fun if you're a lot of people.
  • They're both good in ways.. Rockband has better vocals than Guitar Hero wheras Guitar Hero has better Guitar playbility They're both great ways for Gibson and Fender to make money..
  • I haven't played rock band but I've heard from many people that it is way better.
  • I like them both.
  • i like guitar hero better its sooo good mane you should try it

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