• I dislike packing airports unpacking The only thing I like... if my destination is Honolulu..then it's worth it. Otherwise, I say no! Happy Friday! :) ((hugs))
  • Some would like to travel the "travel and living" way through the television but they would sigh after the show is over because the bug for travel is too strong in people and the little discomfort of travel like packing, booking, etc will be incomparable to the bliss we feel when we actually do it!So it is worth the trouble to actually go on a vacation.
  • I think it is. It is a lot of work sometimes but worth the effort.
  • It's always worth all the trouble. Apart from maybe Bulgaria. That wasn't so good. But it's not even that much trouble. Really. Because if you pack badly, it doesn't take long. And I love airports.
  • You only live once ... have to experience as much of the world as possible!
  • as long as you go long enough so it doesnt feel like you JUST got there in time to turn around and come home! its so nice to experience other cultures, weather, people. I would highly recommend it. its nice to have a break now and then.

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