• Not in the sense that most people might think no. Dream analyses is psuedo science at best. Dreams are just dreams. They are however physiologically vital.
  • Dreams cannot help us solve the problems we have. At best they can caution us about what new problems might arise or what new twists to the existing problems can be expected. This is from my analysis of my own dreams only.
  • For those who make their own dreams come true yes otherwise no.
  • Sometimes the answers do flash in a dream and if we can understand them then it would be excellent.But we do not have much trust or faith in that part of the realm, so we just let it be. The answer which strikes you before anything is always the right one, have you listened to it?
  • I believe dreams are our subconscious way of looking more closely at our problems so we can make a decision on how to solve our issues.
  • I did a work project in my sleep once. That solved a pretty big problem!!
  • No.. They create confusion.
  • Maybe not but its nice to see the people who are no longer with you.
  • To answer your question exactly as you asked it, I think the answer has to be yes. Dreams can help solve a problem. Is it a reliable method of problem solving? Should you eat extra cheese before going to sleep to encourage dreaming? Does it happen frequently (like more than one time in 1000)? Hell no. There are far more productive ways to tackle a problem. but if you do happen to have a dream that crystallizes things for you, consider it as a bonus. And get back to solving it the hard way.
  • I don't think so. If I had to act on my dreams literally, I would be locked up by now...
  • i think so for example, there are some common dreams people have that are indicative of something specific in thier lives, like, dreaming you are in public and suddenly realize you are partially (or totally) naked! this is said to be a very common dream and has to do with a fear of being 'found out' or revealed for who you REALLY are. another common dream is one about being in a house and discovering that it has many hidden rooms and wondrous amenities previously un-known. this is said to mean you are excited about the prospects of something you've recently ventured into. i think by trying to understand ourselves we can come up with workable solutions to our problems, or at least come to accept them.
  • They can be very enlightening. There are things hidden in them. Sometimes useful sometimes not.
  • Sometimes dreaming about a situation will give you another view on the problem. I am not the kind of person who thinks driving a car in a dream means that I will experience a lot of new things. I am to down to earth for that. Especially when I remember having a conversation about cars two days ago :P
  • You must be dreaming.

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