• Depends on the wine, but usually it tastes better chilled.
  • It is mostly a matter of your own personal preference. In general, it is considered better to chill white wine, and serve red wine at room temperature, but that is not carved in stone.
  • It depends completely on the type of the wine you are drinking. A merlot and other types of red wines typically is served at room temperature or a bit colder (around 65 degrees) where a pinot gricio should be chilled in the fridge for a couple hours before serving. I am sure there are some wine connoisseur out there that know the exact temperature for each type of wine but that is what I was always taught.
  • what color is it
  • Most white wines are chilled before serving and a few reds (pinots) are chilled a little bit below room temp., but most reds are served room temperature. Do whatever you and your friends like to do and don't get hung up on the rules.
  • Generally could drink most red wines from room temperature and you should chill white wines....
  • White and Rose yes Red wine No unless it is a light German or Hungarian Riesling and then it is probably better chilled.
  • you had to chill most white wine. There is a noteworthy exception, white wines served to make a contrast with cheese such Roquefort, Gorgonzola,....; in this case white wine had to be served at room temperature.
  • Red Wine & Fortified Wine .... 1. Red Wine - 55°F – 65°F ..... 2. Light bodied wines - lower temperature. Place it in cooler for 90 minutes ..... 3. Fuller bodied wines - warmer temperature. Place it in cooler for 45 minutes ..... 4. Fortified Wine - 60°F–65°F ..... White Wine & Sparkling Wine 5. White Wine - Need to chill for lifting delicate aromas ..... 6. Fuller bodied wines - 50°F - 60°F ..... 7. Lighter and fruitier wines - 45°F and 50°F keeping 2 hours in a fridge ..... 8. Sparkling Wine - 40°F - 50°F .....
  • White, yes. Red, some maybe a little.

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